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Posted 9/28/14 , edited 9/28/14
I've been listening to more powerviolence, goregrind, and some sludge lately but some bands that I can remember that I can get down to are;

Cattle Decapitation (although they're not considered solely death metal but deathgrind), Thy Art is Murder (I know they didn't exactly bring anything new to the table, but goddamn. I love the energy I feel when I listen to Hate), Asphyx, Benediction, Bolt Thrower.

Honestly, those are the only ones that I can remember that I can get down to. I mean there are other bands I won't mind sitting through like Beheaded, Benediction, maybe Decrepit Birth, and etc, but I've just been listening to a little more extreme variety lately. I know Obituary isn't really a band I can get into so easily though, I think it might be the same for Morbid Angel. I'm sure my memory would be refreshed if I looked through some of this thread though.

Some of the extreme stuff I've been listening to lately, if you're curious;

Vomitus (one of my favourite bands), Dystopia (probably my favourite band or at least in my top 3), Noothgrush (pretty close to Dystopia for me the more I listen), Dead, Regurgitate, Dead in the Dirt, Pig Destroyer, Coffins, Black Tongue, and the list could go on but I'll end it with these few mentions.
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