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Vindictus best MMO out there
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Posted 3/29/13
Being a veteran skilled scythe/staff Evie, I must say Vindictus is boring. After hitting level 60 two years go, I quit due to the bordem. In the beginning, it's alright. As you go through each episode/arc/content, you'll have to rely on NX(pay2win ingame cash) or train yourself to become better. In boss fights, skill is the most important thing. If you get hit once in boss runs, your dead. The bad thing is teammates won't revive you if you keep constantly dying.

My experience after hitting the level 60 cap was horrible. There weren't any major new content. Players require you to get a certain amount of attack/magic attack requirements in order to fight with them. That's when people started to quit like me. At a certain level, you won't be able to fight along with your teammates. It's just like having talents. if you don't, your screwed. It's either work hard or have talent.

Like I said, Vindictus is based on SKILL and very less teamwork. I don't recommend anyone to this game unless they're a hardcore gamer.
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Posted 4/28/13
It's more of a dungeon crawler tbh....
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Posted 10/25/13
Closed due inactivity. 0 new posts in months. Locked.
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