Terribly Performance
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Posted 2/27/13
I'm getting horrible streaming performance from CrunchyRoll. I started this service not too long and was happy with the quality. Lately, though, videos have been choppy and constantly buffering. I couldn't log in on my xbox due to "malformed data" even though i'd been on there before. Now sitting at my desktop with a 30 MB internet connection, I can't get even a 480p stream to come through smooth.

If this doesn't improve, i'll be forced to cancel my account.
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Posted 2/28/13
I'm right there with you man. I have been subscribed to crunchyroll for years (under a different name) and for the most part they have been great but... The passed month or so... every time I try to watch an anime... which is often, I watch a LOT of anime... I always have problems now where the video just isn't loading fast enough. They need to get this fixed ! PLEASE READ THIS CRUNCHYROLL!

I pay for this service and the passed month or so has been nothing but hassle.
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Posted 2/28/13
Same experience here, sometimes the service is good but when it's bad it's next to impossible to watch.
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Posted 2/28/13 , edited 2/28/13

Please remember that 'Contact Us' is the fastest way to get assistance with the problems you're encountering.
Please use the appropriate device specific thread going forward (Or just email me!)

Locking this.
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