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What is your most FUNNY/STUPID answer in your examination/quiz?
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22 / M / 大迷宮
Posted 9/9/08
1.) How many Molecules does a ....... consists..... and to the basis of equation 9, as given below in the chart.......... Would you count?
Your Mom.
Posted 9/13/08


krnsoldierofGod wrote:

in one of my spanish quizzes this guy put orange chicken for his answer lol

haha hilarious!!

lol i found it, its next to the word "find" isnt it?
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23 / M / the moon
Posted 9/13/08

chloechan wrote:

This question was on one of my science tests...

What is the best way to protect yourself during an Earthquake?

A: Run around screaming "THE ALIANS HAVE LANDED!!!!"
B: Duck, Cover, Hold
C: Stand there like an Idiot
D: Pull other students on top of you so they can "Protect" you.
E: I don't know. I didn't study.

i bet u picked D
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22 / F / Kuala Lumpur
Posted 9/13/08

Redgriffin wrote:

I got this from a site....It is very funny...^^

lololololololollolollololol!!!!! xDDDD!!! CAN'T. STOP. LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xDD!
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
There was a question on the science part of the entrance exam that said:"Why do cells reprdouce?" I put:"Cause their horny." This wasn't on a test but once my math teacher got angry at us and said:"WHY DO YOU THINK I ASSIGN SO MUCH HOMEWORK!?" and my friend answered:"Because your a virgin?"
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23 / F / chillin with yuto...
Posted 9/13/08
omg on our NIGHT (the book) test, this one guy in our class (i swear he's a nazi)

Q.who is the author Night?

Adolf Hitler.

he got detention >_>
Posted 9/17/08
oh i remember this half-yearly exam , and it was maths and i had no idea how to do the question .

it basically showed like , 3 squares , and it shows that the inner square is 100cm squared .

it looked like a quarter of the outer square to me , so i basically went
square ABCD (outer square) /4 = 100cm squared
square ABCD = 400cm squared.

and i got full marks .

oh . and then there was once . a long time ago..
the question was about athletics , and it was like , "what are the three jumping events?" and the answers were long jump, high jump and triple jump .

i wrote long jump , high jump , and short jump .___.
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24 / F / In chur head
Posted 9/17/08
Okayso I had a teacher once who was obssessed with the name chuck so everytime we had a quiz and it was multi choice and we didnt know the answer w had to circle chuck. this was the quiz.


Who was the ruler of sparta?


Chuck... lol
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28 / F / Right there
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08

From my English class

formulate a question for the following answers, using Do or Does...

A: yes, the girl went to her mothers house
Q: I do to do...

answer the following questions in negative form

1..Are you going to the beach this summer?
Yes, i dont

according to Sigmund Freud's structural model of the psyche witch are the parts of the super-ego?
a: the super and the ego

ok the last one was me.... but that was some hairy ass question
Posted 9/26/08 teacher put on a quiz

Where did Dorothy and Toto go in The Wizard of Oz?

i was like WTF??? keep in mind this is a Pharmacy Tech class....

i put they stayed at home cuz she bumped her head hard and had a dream......
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24 / M / =>Here
Posted 9/26/08
Here it is (corrected most spelling mistake), I got a B (4 out of 5) on it. The teacher didnt like the idea of playboy, but he was impressed by what I wrote :)

Warm up 9/18

What great thing do you want to achieve that you know you'll never fail?

I want to become the owner of playboy mansion. First of all, it is not only appealing, it is also a great and easy way to make money. All you have to do is to watch girls "do it" and pick out the good ones from the bad. People might think this is immorale, but think about all the rich and perverted people out there enjoying porn. They contributed many money to the porn industry. If I own playboy, I will be able to use that money for better causes. I can help prevent diseases and starvation in Afica. I can reduce pollution in Asia, especially China. I can also put an end in the fighting in the middleeast. The porn and especially the sex industry is very important, they contribute great wealth to those companies. If I were one of the owners of these companies I'll make sure that that money will be used for the benefit of mankind.
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31 / F / G-G-Germany
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/26/08
hm. one of my last exams in school... economics class. I didn't give a shit about that subject anymore because the grade I'd get there wasn't relevant to my final grade (german school system sucks but it has its perks :D), so I just wrote "I can't even begin to explain how much I don't care about your questions anymore" on a piece of paper, put my name on it and handed it in. not really funny but that was the only time I did something like that ;D oh my... I hated that teacher. such a jerk
Posted 9/27/08
I actually put this in my exam paper:

How is x blah is blah=y and
blah blah blah blah.....
Why is this?

My answer: Maaagic, 105.4~
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26 / F
Posted 9/27/08 , edited 9/27/08
at our class on philippine constitution....

the question goes this way:
--what is the power of the state granted to Meralco?

and then i answered:
(MERALCO's function is to supply electricity within the city area)

damn, i lack analysis of it, though i knew the 3 powers of the state, i was nervous since time was running out.
only to realize it was ~eminent domain~

i told these to my classmates and i was so embarassed...i'm such..arrrgghh.....
they said they'd wonder what our professor had thought while he was checking the papers..
he must be really laughing...


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24 / F / In poo poo land.....
Posted 9/27/08
ok I am usually pretty good at science but since i did'nt get enough sleep the week for my Biology test and that caused me not to have enough study time... well if you know the six science methods P.H.E.O.C
I kinda slipped on that one so... this is what I put (My Bio class is pretty early in the morning)

P:Pi Not know

H:Hi Dont know...

E:EEp! dont know!

O:Oops don't know

C: Can't know....

Stupid right? I really didn't know! I was so tired and I got in trouble!
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