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What is your most FUNNY/STUPID answer in your examination/quiz?
Posted 10/2/08
I never wrote something funny (haha I'm too boring) but a friend of mine once had an examination and he didn't know the answer so he drew a tree and wrote >> "the answer is behind this tree" hahaha =D

Posted 10/2/08
i answered the dumbest maths question it was sumfing like (asdfasdf+gfdhg) 0 but in numbers and letters i answered sum random number when the answer was one
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26 / F / cali!
Posted 10/3/08 , edited 10/3/08
(History test) Write an essay describing the type of person General Wolfe was, explain in detail what he did in order to save fort ____..

answer: *sigh* he's soooo hot...

(i was thinking about someone in my class lol, and i tend to write down what im i accidently left that on top of my test and my history teacher has given me weird stares since)

then there was another time

Explian ______________ (something about science

answer : er....i dont know. i was in the bathroom when u taught this, remember?
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M / UK
Posted 10/14/08
I got bored during class so I drawned on my sheets and my textbook... not really stupid

Posted 10/14/08
the question
Who created the old tire machine(i go to an automotive high school)?

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26 / M / Australia.
Posted 10/14/08
In some maths test. I forgot the question but i had no idea what the answer was so i wrote a long paragraph saying why i dont like the questin, why i dont understand the question, and why i wrote this long paragraph instead of the question. It was a very long paragraph.
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26 / F / Far away from you
Posted 10/14/08
I don't remember any.

Haha the front page was funny. "Find X" xD
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24 / M / in the bathroom?...
Posted 10/14/08
on one of my spanish tests, i forgot the question, but i put
"yo no se" wich means i dont no
its not really that funny >.<
Posted 10/14/08
The American peoples believed that this "manifest destiny" want the Americans to expand to the West. In manifest destiny, who had the peoples though told them to go west?

a. God
b. Andrew Jackson
c. Chuck Norris
d. Me
e. Your Moma

nah this wasnt in the quiz, there werent chuck norris, me, or your mama. There the teacher name, president bush, and a book.

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27 / inside my heart
Posted 10/14/08
give a botany joke
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30 / F / b.c. canada.........
Posted 10/14/08
when i dont know the answer i just put in an "i dont know" or a draw on them..
i usually draw caricatures of my teachers.. so my teacher commented " whats this?" or "nice drawings but still wont get grades for that"
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F / ZUKI'S CLOSET -or...
Posted 10/14/08
oh i remember in's not test but an says...

Question:where is the x and y intercept of the graph?...

Answer: in the middle.....

but then it's rite my classmates alweiz copy my answers even though they're wrong...
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28 / M / Sa bahay !
Posted 10/15/08 , edited 10/15/08
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29 / Outer Heaven
Posted 10/15/08
...I have too many of these. So uh, exmaple:

Question: "How many strawberries are in this tree?"

Answer: "Since strawberries don't grow on trees, I refuse to answer this question."
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28 / F / Living in the US...
Posted 10/15/08 , edited 10/15/08

one class in my college year i think it was history.
[idk if i wrote this here already, oh well. lol] but
i never attended that class unless there is a quiz
or test. and on our midterm, he totally popped up
an essay question which i had no clue. [cause i
dont read the books also] and i said to myself
"hmmm, after this midterm, i wont ever see him again
and since idk how to elaborate my answer to this
essay question, i'm gonna jerk off"
lol. and yes, that's
what i did.

i wrote [don't remember, but something like this]
hi, sorry i never attended your class. but i just wanted
to tell you that you were a great professor. sorry i wasn't
a good student to you.

and when i gave him the test, he was talking to me
he said how'd you think you did?" i said "so and so"
then he said "how come you decided to come to take the
and i said "cause i wanted to see you
before the semester is over"
lol and he said
"really? i thought you didnt like me cause you never show
up during class time"
haha then i said "no you were a
great professor"
and he said "apparently not, cause you
never show up lol"
i just laughed and i told him to have a
good vacation and he said cya. =D

quite embarrassing, cause everyone was still taking the midterm
and it was very quiet. lol. and i was like the 4th person to return
my test! lol. oh well, it's over now. lol
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