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Posted 3/3/13
I didn't see this topic anywhere in the poll forum, so I thought I would post it for fun (and CR points!)

Of the above options, I've only played Heart no Kuni no Alice and Starry☆Sky~in Spring. Heart no Kuni no Alice is definitely the most interesting concept-wise, but I enjoyed the gameplay of Starry☆Sky~in Spring more.

Also, some games that aren't series (as in they only have one game) that I have enjoyed are Dandelion~Wishes Brought To You~ and My Candy Love.

Here are some pictures, in case, for whatever reason, you don't know the name but you know what the characters look like:

Heart no Kuni no Alice (or, in the case of this picture, Joker no Kuni no Alice)


Uta no Prince-Sama

La Corda d'Oro

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Posted 8/23/13

The anime literally SUCKS, but the game is AWESOME!!!!
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Posted 8/24/13
I actually really liked the Hiiro No Kakera Anime, so much so that its on my wish list for xmas so i can re-watch it over and over again. Then again it might have something to do with the opening song, I love it.
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Posted 8/25/13
It's so rare to see people talking about Heart no kuni no Alice. The franchise is so wonderful. Julius <3
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Posted 9/7/13
I can't decide which is my favorite out of all of the otome series' out there!!
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Posted 10/12/14
Starry Sky was awesome!
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Posted 10/12/14
Amnesia. I love the guys' eyes.
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Posted 10/12/14 , edited 10/12/14
Ugghhh~ I can't believe your making me choooseee. lol

But I guess off of the top of my head,
"Nameless" and "Dandelion" are absolute GOLD. I hope Cheritz makes more games, I find they always make really strong female leads. Not to mention the love interests are always really well written, and gorgeous. The quality really does rival that of Japanese games.

I also really enjoyed "Tokimeki memorial: Girls side story"! Really cute. (Granted I've only played the first one.)
"Sweet Fuse: At Your Side" was also quite enjoyable.

And recently I bought the first "Uta No Princesama" for PSP, since I felt like my Japanese was at a high enough level to get basic comprehension from it. AND IT'S SO ADORABLE I WANT TO SQUEAL AND CRY.

I'm doing Otoya's route first, and everything is just so precious. *-*
This game also makes me ship Syo and Natsuki even more, like holy cow. :3


There are a lot more Japanese otome games I'd like to buy, (Like Alice=Alice and Dotkareshi to name a few). But I hate how difficult it is to buy them outside of Japan. Gotta go through a shipping service, and all that. Dx Ugggh.
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Posted 10/28/15
Dance with Devils
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