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Stupidest lie you've told that someone actually believed?
Posted 3/8/13 , edited 3/8/13

Firefly_Dreams wrote:

Firefly_Dreams wrote:

I told a boy I couldn't have sex with him 'cause my Dad made me wear a chastity belt every time I left home. So he said if I only had to wear it when I left home that he could sneak into my house when my parents were sleeping.. I have a hard time just saying no..

Hahaha that's pretty funny. ^ Some girls nowadays really do need chastity belts tho!

Yeah.. especially the ones that have low self-esteem. Someday I hope to find a nice guy who will understand and not try to take advantage of me and my low self esteem and who loves anime! I know I'm probably asking for to much there with the anime thing, but one can always dream! For now I'd settle for a few nice friends here cause none of my friends like anime or manga at all! They think it's childish for anyone over 12 let alone some one who's over 18. Maybe it is, but I don't really care!!
I'm going to shut up now cause I probably sound pretty pathetic...

I just hope I did the quote thing & spoiler thing right, being that I'm new here, and the "Preview Post" button isn't working for some reason.

I think I did it wrong..... damn it!!

^ I quoted you wrong too. The 'square' wasn't arounds yours lol so mine starts here. :

Hahaha I don't think you quoted the right post of mine but hey I don't even know how to use the 'spoilers' things. So people probably think I'm that annoying guy on the forums who's post are always ten feet long because he shows all the quotes lol. But nah I feel you. I'm like you. My dream is to find a girl (even friends) who like anime. All of my friends make fun of my loves for anime and I know it probably looks weird if you don't really watch it. But they just don't understand how deep and awesome anime is haha and I don't think they're changing their mind. I just don't know how to find out if people like anime because they probably don't outwardly talk about it and I'm afraid to ask someone. There's such a negative stereotype about people who watch this stuff when there shouldn't be where I live. So yeah we'll just let this thread be our soap box. But I'm serious you'll find that guy one day. He's out there waiting for you too. (Didn't try to get too deep right there. It's just something I believe in. That everyone has somebody.)

Posted 3/9/13
I'll be the twelfth Doctor.

Kissing is good for your prostate.
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Posted 3/9/13
The most unbelievable lie I've ever told was the truth.
No, seriously, I explained the entire situation to the guys, what went down, how we got here, etc.
The authorities just stood there, baffled out of their mind on how my response was so ridiculous that it had to be true.
They let me go, I went my merry way, end of story.
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It wasn't me who took a cookie from the cookie jar.
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Posted 3/9/13
I try not to lie as much as possible, It's bad karma. Last lie? Probably about caring about someone's injured wife from work. Biggest lie? probably lying to my ex that I loved her (more or less the whole time and every time I said it).
Posted 3/9/13
i cnt remember when but, one day at skul i lied 2 a naruto fan tht in the latest episodes, naruto and sasuke both are dead.. he fell 4 it so bad tht he went and told evry 1 abut it.. the next day da pple he told abut it all 2 came and told tht he is crazy.. then i was like "dude ur cray " . he realized wht was happening and he started 2 scold me and he punched me 2.. the hitting was all worth it LOL~~
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Posted 3/9/13 , edited 3/9/13
When I was 15, I met my first girlfriend...... well more like a "friend with benefits" who shall be called Friend A ..... through my parents, because her parents were close friends with my parents.

Friend B, a really close friend of mine, was the only person I ever mentioned Friend A to. In a certain Simpson episode two Indians children were set up in arranged marriage by their parents with a similar relationship to mine. I am from South Asia, so when I told Friend B about how I met Friend A, Friend B joked about the fact that my relationship was like an arranged marriage.

One day on a bus, Friend B asked me "So, how's your arranged marriage going?" and I naturally went along with the joke. An Eavesdropper, who knew me very well, obviously did not understand the joke and told a lot of people that I was in an arranged marriage.

I am now 20 and to this day a lot of people still think I am in an arranged marriage even though I stopped seeing Friend A, probably 4 months after I turned 16.
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Posted 3/9/13
Well, being absolutely evil, I could tell quite a few funny stories about lies that I got people believing, but because I'd probably get banned for being vile, I will go with something that happened to me in the locker room after football practice in college. There was this guy who would come into the locker room every day with something negative to say. I swear every other thing that came out of the kids mouth began with, "I hate..." So, one day he came in with his usual rant, which on this occasion started with, "I hate the name Jamie, it's a stupid name, I hate people named Jamie..." So, I was sick of it and replied by saying, "Jason, that's really rude, that's my son's name!"
"You don't have a son," he replied. "Yes I do, I have two kids!" I said pulling out two photographs, one of my niece, and one of my nephew, asking, "can't you see the resemblance?" "Who's the mother?" he asked, "Her name is Heather and she's in the army," I replied. "Are you going to marry her?" he asked. "I don't know, if I feel like it," I followed. Since the rest of the guys were actually friends with me, they knew I was kidding and laughed it off. He unfortunately decided to tell everyone what a jerk I was to the mother of my two children and it eventually got to my cheerleader girlfriend and her friends. When I went to see her, they would drag her away from me and her room mate would no longer let her take my calls.
Posted 3/9/13
i told this girl that asked me out that i couldnt go out with her because football season was starting and i need to dedicate all my time into practicing lol
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Posted 3/9/13 , edited 3/9/13
Well...The last stupid lie I did was when I was 7 years old.

I took a glue from someone and put it in my pocket, my mom found out and asked me where I got it. I said something very stupid. Here is the full convo.

Mom: Where did you get the glue stick?
Me:.....Uhhh what?
Mom: Who gave you that glue stick?
Me:.....??What glue stick?
Mom: Did you steal?
Me: No, it came with the pants....
Mom: You're in big trouble
*Afterwards*, Mom: Nevermind, you're a good boy.

"No, it came with the pants" was the worst lie I ever made. PANTS THAT COME WITH GLUESTICK??!!! *Logic*.
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Posted 10/12/13
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