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Post Reply [RP] You Can't Spell Elizabeth Without Elite
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Posted 3/7/13
Mimawarigumi HQ

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Posted 3/11/13 , edited 8/19/13
.Crunchyroll doesn't allow mods to split threads/move posts. I'm therefore duplicating the related posts from other threads here in this one thread for easy reading

In that high citadel of the elite, the Mimawarigumi HQ, silence reigns. Silence with the smallest hint of ennui.

Sasaki Isaburou is never bored. Boredom is an emotion which the common folk of Edo are more prone to. An elite might suffer from ennui, but he will suffer with the elite elegance which is a mark of all his actions. And yet . . . is there even any guarantee that the shadowy readers beyond that much-abused fourth wall are sufficiently elite themselves to grasp the distinction? Are they even familiar with the word ennui?

a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom: The endless lecture produced an unbearable ennui.
1660–70; < French: Old French enui

listlessness, tedium, lassitude, languor.

Yes, a very elite word.

But Sasaki Isaburou still doesn't care for it.

"That girl. So thoughtless sometimes. She hasn't answered her emails all afternoon."

His aide looks up. "Commander?"

"Send someone to find out what has happened to our Vice-Commander's phone."

His aide is new to his position. He is from an elite family to be sure, but he has not yet grasped the expectations that go along with that rank. "Err, Commander, sir. Imai-san was very busy with the princess. Perhaps she hasn't had time to email you?"

The tribulations of the elite

Sasaki shakes his head. "I do believe I gave an order. I beg your pardon, perhaps I didn't speak politely enough?"

His aide blanches, and scurries to carry out the order.

But there is nothing to relieve the ennui in any of this. None of his email buddies are online. He has grave suspicions that one of the most intriguing members of this list has dropped the gifted cell phone with which they sealed their alliance in one of those black holes they say you can find out in space. The phone can be replaced, of course, and he has already made the necessary arrangements for that.

But in the meantime, there must be something with which to occupy himself? Something worthy of the time of an elite.

With a complete lack of enthusiasm, he leafs through the pile of applications to join the Mimawarigumi.

Then, one application catches his eye, and ennui vanishes in an instant.

"My, my. This one seems very worthwhile indeed. We shall have to have him in as soon as possible."

Sasaki Isaburou has found a new interest.
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Posted 3/17/13 , edited 8/19/13
Takasugi Shinsuke's Private Quarters

There is a small package on the window sill. It is still unopened and in fact it runs a very high risk of being dropped into Edo Bay.

It was hand-delivered to the Kiheitai by the Vice-Commander of the Mimawarigumi, Imai Nobume herself. And given the pains taken to put it safely in Takasugi's hands, you might expect he would be quick to unwrap it, eager to see what his ally considered so important.

But he hasn't touched it yet.

If Takasugi does open the package, he will find a brand new cellphone. And waiting for him on the cell phone, he will find the following messages.

Hey Shin-chan! Missing you here. (;_・)

Sent you a new phone in case you lost the old one.

We need to get together soon. ( 。0_・。)人(。・_\\ )

P.S. Don't be a stranger.

And another one:

Aww, haven't heard from you yet.  ( ・◇・)?  

Nobume says she definitely gave your ppl the phone.

P.S. How can we have donuts and tea ready for you if you don't say when you'll show up? (;_・)

Followed by

Just kidding!   (⌒▽⌒ )

We can always entertain you, Shin-chan. Just don't bring that Yato boy with you. Hehe.

The package buzzes once again. But what will its fate be?

The next post originally posted by Haitch.

"What the hell is this still doing here? Didn't I tell Bansai to get rid of it?"

Takasugi let out an annoyed puff of smoke before picking up the package, turning over it in his hands while considering whether or not it would be worthwhile to throw it out. It was the third "special delivery" from the Mimawarigumi this week already, and he doubted it would be any different from the others. He was sick of thinking up creative ways to "lose" the cell phones.

Perhaps he should send this one back to Sasaki in pieces as a warning to all future phones to stay away.

On second thought... he set down his kiseru so he could rip apart the packaging, it's best if I stay on good terms with our allies, is it not? Though, sometimes, I wonder why I even bother...

The phone vibrated again, and he almost dropped it. Well, that would be a believable excuse, the little piece of Amanto technology jumping out of his hands like the evil being it was.

He read the newest text and let out an exasperated sigh. If it weren't for the incredible significance of having allies inside of Central Bakufu, he would have given up on this alliance long ago. He still thought of having the "elites" assassinated on occasion, but they were of more use alive. It would not do to give into temptation this late in the plan.

Shifting into a more comfortable seated position, he began typing his reply, copying Sasaki's texting style for good measure:

The old phone is doing very well. Great of you to send another one to accompany it! (◕‿\\✿)

No, really. Do not expect to see this phone ever again, either.

P.S. Donuts sound good, make sure to get me jelly-filled! (●⌒∇\\\)

P.P.S. (╯°□\\)╯︵ ┻━┻

Hoping he got his message across clearly enough, he closed his eye, leaned back, and tossed the phone into the ocean.


Sasaki Isaburou is pleasantly surprised when the message comes from his mail buddy. This is a first. Despite months of encouragement, Takasugi has never sent him an e-mail before. A slight smile plays around the corner of his mouth as he reads the message:

Anyone else might be discouraged by this note. Sasaki, on the other hand, notes the one-eyed emoticons with approval. This is a good first step. Pretty soon Takasugi will be emailing like a pro. Sasaki has already prepared a new phone for their next meeting:

Can Takasugi really throw away a phone that suits him so well? Sasaki is hoping not. He spent a lot of time designing this gift.

Meanwhile, an elite new recruit to the Mimawarigumi is waiting outside. Sasaki glances at the man's resume again. The references section is truly astonishing. He turns to direct his aide,

"If Zuuraki-san is here, please show him in."

From hereon, the paths diverge. Keep reading this thread for a filler about Zura joining the Mimawarigumi. For Sabu-chan's meeting with Takasugi, head over to Mr. Donut on a different day .
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Posted 3/21/13 , edited 3/27/13
The following post was written by Zuur4 and NientedeNada. Credit for the title goes to Spartydragon, who suggested it to us when we were wracking our brains for a title.

A couple minutes later, the new recruit is ushered into Sasaki's office. He is already wearing the elegant white uniform of the Mimawarigumi, and Sasaki is now torn between admiration for the man's upright bearing and annoyance at his long dark hair, which falls down around his face and over his shoulders.

Hair like this man's may have been considered elite twenty years ago, but progress marches on, no matter what Sasaki or anyone else feels about it.

But he shows no trace of this annoyance as he welcomes Zuuraki Katsuo with a warm smile and a warmer manner.

Picture by Witehypno

*Katsura enters the office, and meets the Mimawarigumi commander, Sasaki Isaburo for the first time*

(Hmm, looks like the rumours of his 'eliteness' were true, even if he is another antagonising force stopping me from saving our country. I must still assess how great a risk he is, already they are looked upon more highly than the Shinsengumi by some)

"Welcome to the Mimawarigumi, Zuuraki-san" he hears him say in a welcoming manner.

(Zuuraki ja nai-no, this is a vital operation, i must not be discovered! Time for me to use all my skills of espionage and job interviews)

"Konbanwa, Sasaki-dono"

*bows respectfully*

(Rule 1 of interviews, show respect and await to be told to sit before taking a seat)

#note: interview rule reference to Gintama episode "Life is a test"

"Please take a seat, Zuuraki-san."

Sasaki gestures to a chair.

"You will find we don't stand on formalities here among the elite. We save our formalities for keeping the less-than-elite at a distance, and as an elite, you should fit in well among our very elite members."

He pauses a second, to take a breath.

"I was very impressed by your references, Zuuraki-san."


*Katsura takes a seat*

(He seems to believe my disguise, it seems it will be fairly easy to integrate quickly)

"I was very impressed by your references, Zuuraki-san."

(Ah, now the references)

"I am sure you would wish for your men to have a 'elite' background, so I am glad to hear those references are satisfactory."

Sasaki picks up Zuuraki's references and adjusts his monocle to take them in fully

"Yes, even among the elite, there are not many men who can boast of references so elite as these. Tell me Zuuraki-san, how did you come to make the acquaintance of the Baka - His Royal Highness, Prince Hata?'"


"I met Prince Hata when he was in trouble and helped him to once again become a good honourable prince for his country. We also share the message of 'LOVE AND PEACE', we both wish our respective worlds to be peaceful and prosperous. He also gave me a Knighthood for being such an inspirational and supportive figure in his time of need."

"LOVE AND PEACE," repeats Sasaki slowly.

There is a sudden silence. In the face of some things, even the elite have no words.

Sasaki shakes himself. "Moving on from that, I see that you are also a protegee of the Yagyu. Did you study swordsmanship in their dojo?"


"Ah no, I am recognised by the heir, Yagyuu Kyuubei, as a swordsman with skills that rival or even surpass her own. As such, she has taken up an odd habit of acting and responding to events as I would...perhaps another show of admiration?"

*ponders this for a second, then continues*

"All in all, Kyuubei-dono is a honourable samurai and celeb, and is also a worthy rival."

"Perhaps we could appoint you our liaison to the Yagyuu clan then, Zuuraki-san. Our connections with the cream of Edo society are integral to our mission."

Sasaki stands up from his desk and walks to the window, looking down upon the sprawling city far below his office.

"Zuuraki-san, we elite are tasked with a difficult job .Somewhere in this city beneath us crawl vile terrorists who will stop at nothing to drag us down to their level. They call themselves patriots, but they are motivated only by envy of those who have the elite qualities they themselves could never possess."

He turns to Zuuraki suddenly. "Are you sufficiently prepared to take on these malcontents, Zuuraki-san?"


(The biggest of those malcontents is seated not 10 feet from you Elite-dono. I was prepared for such a question though, no need to worry)

"I have had some run-ins with...those patriots in the past, I even know a former patriot quite well. A big step in beating the enemy is to understand their ideology and how the group as a whole functions, wouldn't you agree? Sakata Gintoki, for all his faults, is a good friend, I believe you may have met him before? He is not the best of society, but is a dependable person. I have him listed as a reference too, right at the bottom."

Sasaki nods his head in appreciation.

"At the bottom of the reference section. That is certainly where a common person such as Sakata Gintoki belongs. It does surprise me, Zuuraki-san, that an elite such as yourself should have come in contact with that man, but he does seem to worm his way into the strangest of places."

Sasaki pulls out his phone.

"By the way, Zuuraki-san, if you'd give me your emaiI, I should like to add you to my address book. I have so few friends in here. Another is always welcome."


*pulls out his phone*

(The final hurdle, the mail buddy request!)

"I am not too used to using a phone, but of course I shall give you my address. It is [email protected], I hope for some enlightening messages in the future, Sasaki-dono!"

(With this, i should be able to solidify my place as a member of the Mimawarigumi)

"Do feel free to email me whenever you like, Zuuraki-san."

He types quickly on his phone. Zuuraki's cell phone buzzes.

"Hi Zuura-chan!  ̄ー ̄

Welcome to my buddy list! Isn't it awesome how we can email each other like this? *^▽^*"


*replies on his phone*

" -_- Zuura-chan ja nai, Zuuraki-chan da

It's great to have a email buddy ♪ (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))♪

Lets send loads of fun messages \(^o^)/"

Sasaki's eyes light up as he receives the message on his phone. He had known from the moment he saw the resume that this man would be a very interesting acquaintance. But he hadn't expected to discover an enthusiastic mail buddy.

If he wasn't so elite, he might cry for joy.

"Why don't we go out on a patrol of the lowly environs of Kabukichou, together? I will instruct you in some of the challenges that we elites face in this city."
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Posted 3/29/13 , edited 8/19/13

She could feel her eyeballs getting dry. No. It was worse than that. Her lips getting dry. Her was craving for that taste. How many days had it been since she had the taste of it. That fluffly flesh. That red filling. It melts in her mouth, like a soul destined to unite with her system. She could feel her hands shaking. But the Elite took it away from her. Apparently, the mission of delivering the package had not been an easy feat. When she arrived at the palace of the food of salvation--her manna-- the service crew greeted her with an apologetic smile.

"G-Gomenasai, okyakusan. W-We're already out of donuts.". The man was extremely fat, his face round (probably he was sneaking donuts and eating them on his own)

The limited edition coupon that guaranteed unlimited supply of her wonder food felt cold as she squeezed it. The classic breeze of crushing grief blew against her, cradling the coupon away from her grip, making it fly towards the sky.

"Do you know what sets donuts apart from other bread?". Her cold voice sounded gentle as her reddish brown eyes fixed themselves at the man, who was already shivering from fear.


"It has a hole in it."

She drew out the cold blade from its cozy home.

Within the blink of an eye, the blade was only inches away from Mr. Fatty.

"Danna, your face reminds me of a donut. Why don't we make a hole out of it to set you apart from the rest of other lowly fatties?"


Suddenly, there was magic. Her eyes caught the reflection of something epic. Lightning-fast, she abandoned the fatty service crew and barged out of the elite palace of donuts, Mr. Donut.

There, amidst the expanse of blue sky, was a giant, white donut. The largest she had ever seen.

She could not help but let her mouth hang open. Like a child, she reached out her hands to that giant white donut.

Until mass of white cotton candies began to appear, drifting closer and closer to the giant white donut. No. Screw it up. It was not cotton candy that she needed. Maybe some parfait-loving madao would go after it, but not her. She was just too elite for that. She had a job, she had money, and what she needed was the damn large donut in the sky.

The mass of white cotton candies wiped the giant donut from her view.

"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE IT BACK TO ME! GIVE ME BACK MY DONUTS!", she shrieked, reaching out desperately for the giant donut, which was actually just the scorching hot sun, its heat already getting in the nerves of the elite Nobume Imai.
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Posted 8/19/13
Leisurely strolling through the Kabukichou streets, the most elite of Edo's police forces are out on patrol. Commander Sasaki Isaburou is orienting his newest recruit: the promisingly elite Zuuraki Katsuo.

"I regret having to expose ourselves to this unseemly corner of our city. But a policeman's duties lie in these dirty little corners. We must understand the depravity that we are struggling against every day.

A sudden scream of anguish rends through the ordinary sounds of the street.


Sasaki arches an elegant eyebrow. "One of the distressingly sordid scenes in which this neighbourhood specializes-

His words are cut off suddenly as he identifies the origin of the noise.

"Ah, Nobume-san is already hard at work, patrolling this neighbourhood. You can trust an elite to be attending to her duty at all times. Zuuraki-san, may I introduce you to my Vice-Commander, Imai Nobume."
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Posted 8/19/13
Originally posted by takatsugitan

She was just staring at the sky. Not moving a muscle. Not twitching. She could feel the intrigued (or rather scandalized stares) of random people passing by, apparently somewhat worried that some patient had made her escape from the mental, now taking her time to stroll the streets of Kabukichou.

One kid who was holding her Mama's hands saw the statue-like Vice Commander of Miwarigumi.

"Ne, ne Mama. She looks sad. Can I give her my donut?", the kid asked innocently, a snot on the verge of falling from his nose.

"B-Baka! D-Don't go close to people like that, who knows if she's just some--OI DAIGORO!!!"

Diagoro did not pay attention to his mother's shrieks as he excitedly approached the elite donut fanatic, who was still staring at the sky, already covered with clouds.

"Oneesan." Daigoro tugged Nobume's freshly-washed uniform.

Nobume did not reply.

"Oneesan", Daigoro gave another tug.

Nobume did not reply.


"You're too loud, kusougaki."

Daigoro's mother flinched. "Daigoro!!!" The woman ran towards her child, eager to save him from the impending danger. Nobume lifted the kid like some sort of stray cat, her hands clutched tightly around the latter's collar.

But Daigoro did not even wink. Nor did his snot fall out of fear. Eye to eye, their eyes met.

"To think that this would be your weakness. Nobume.", said Daigoro in a hardboiled voice.

Daigoro's mother paused. C-Chotto, Daigoro-kun, why are you speaking like a former comrade to this girl...

Nobume's expression remained unchanged. Her eyes looked murderous. She did not reply as she placed the blade of her sword right under the kid's neck.

"You used to be so strong. It seems that it is true, no matter how sharp a sword can be, it will still be plagued by the rusts of time. Sou. I remember when we used to fight side by side. You were so fearless, like a female demon who reaped souls with all that thirst in your eyes." Daigoro chuckled, a trace of disappointment in his eyes. A-Are...what on earth are you saying Daigoro-kun!

To the poor woman's surprise, Nobume's eyes shifted from cold to a gaze of regret. She shifted her eyes away from Daigoro. "Sumanakatta." O-Oi. Now you're the one acting as if you two were comrades who fought in some war!

Daigoro chuckled, this time, his expression unreadable as his bangs had covered his eyes.

"In the end, I was not able to make it.", said Nobume, sadness echoing from every word. "I was not able to save it."

Daigoro looked up, and smiled at Nobume.

"If you have time to think sadly of losing a donut, why not just think of getting the most elite among the elite of all donuts?"

At that moment, it was as if her heart had just been electrified.


Daigoro handed the miraculous bread of salvation.

"T-Take this...b-b-before I leave this world and go to the Donut Heaven..." The kid spit out blood. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SPITTING BLOOD! SHE DID NOT EVEN STAB YOU!

With her hand still clutching the Bavarian Donut, Nobume fell to her knees, unwary of the two elite men in elite uniform. One was looking bored as if he was already used to the sight of all the stupidity in this world. One on the other hand, was already bawling like a kid, obviously moved by the scene he just saw. It aflamed the patriotism in his heart even more.
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Posted 8/19/13
Sasaki has taken in the entire confrontation with Daigoro without comment, using the opportunity to play another level of Angry Birds.

He puts the cell phone away once Nobume has finally finished, dropping to her knees and munching her hard-won donut. Slowly, he claps for the performance.

"As you can see, the elite are truly different from other people," he tells Zuuraki confidentially. "You can observe that our Vice-commander goes to the utmost limits to complete her mission."

He calls out to Nobume.

"Once you have finished off the donut, Nobume, please let me present to you our newest recruit: Zuuraki Katsuo. He is an elite addition to our elite force. I sent you an email about him earlier, but you must have been too busy to reply to it. My inbox was a lonely place today until I acquired the address of my new friend here."

He turns to Zuuraki.

"I'm sure you will find Nobume-san as congenial as me, but a word of warning, never stand between her and her donuts. Her sword has been known to slip of its own accord in such situations.

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Posted 8/19/13 , edited 8/19/13
Originally posted by Zuur4

It takes a great deal of self-control for him to stop crying over the beautiful scene he had just witnessed. It both boosted his view of the people of Edo and made him all the more aware that these Elites were not to be underestimated. He also makes a future mental note to look more into her obsession with donuts.

(So, this is the Vice-commander of the Mimawarigumi? I recall hearing of her from Gintoki. It also seems Leader holds her skills in high regards too. She could potentially be the hardest person to win over)

Making sure he has enough room to evade any potential attack, he takes a step forward and bows.

"Zuuraki Katsuo desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu"
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Posted 8/19/13
Originally posted by takatsugitan

Nobume merely nodded.

( this was the famous delusional Joui leader whose ridiculous disguises has evaded the clutch of those lowly police in black uniform)
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Posted 8/19/13
Nobume is showing some restraint today. Excellent. That girl never exactly disappoints him, but it can't be denied that some days she's more challenging than others, and he hopes she'll hold off testing Zuuraki-san's swordplay today.

"Nobume-san, I am instructing Zuuraki-san in our patrol duties. Of course, Zuuraki-san, the Mimawarigumi is above all dedicated to patrolling the grounds of Edo Castle and the exclusive neighbourhoods that surround it. These vile streets are more properly the province of our plebeian allies, the Shinsengumi. But our mandate to combat Joui terrorism often necessitates a visit to Kabukichou. It brings us in contact with a number of unsavoury characters.

And speaking of unsavoury characters . . .

Good afternoon, Shiroyasha-dono!
he calls out across the street to a silver-haired man who is attempting to remove a tire-clamp from a scooter's front wheel. "Are you in need of our assistance removing that piece of police property from your impounded vehicle?
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Posted 8/19/13
Originally posted by farispie

One moment Gintoki parked his moped and the next moment its tires were clamped.

How was Gintoki supposed to know that the moped was in a no-parking zone ? It was surprising that such a zone even existed in Kabukicho. After all , government regulations weren't always upheld here.

Plus its a pain in the ass to think about where to park.

*Pulling on the tire clamps *

(Why won't this budge ? ...Its might power levels must be high. Did it go through a training montage ? Did it learn the forbidden techniques. Did it - )


*Gintoki's profound thoughts were interrupted by a voice *

Good afternoon, Shiroyasha-dono!

(That sounds like ..-)

"Are you in need of our assistance removing that piece of police property from your impounded vehicle?

*Gintoki looks across the street to see Trouble-dono*

(...What is that bastard doing here ? )

Sasaki Isaburo wasn't exactly on Gintoki's list of "want to be pals with". Usually when Sasaki is around, something big and messy is bound to happen. It was also very strange to see the Mimawaragumi bother with Kabukicho in the first place.

*Gintoki looks at the man in caution*

(If he is here then she must be lurking about too)

Gintoki's suspicions were correct .

*Gintoki's eyes were shifted towards Nobume *

Sasaki's watchdog was a bigger problem at the moment. It wouldn't be long till some blood is shed with her here. It wouldn't be surprising if some two bit thug decided it would be a good idea to hit on her. When that happens, that two bit thug will be split in half into a one bit thug .

*Gintoki walks across the street *

"What are you doing here ? .If you think I'll take your bait of undoing the clamp to earn you one of my favours then you have another thing coming -..."

Elves are awfully similar to us

*Gintoki stops mid sentence as he notices another man in the white uniform*

That man was awfully familiar. That face....and that annoying long hair really reminded him of someone.

(Huh ?.....He can't be that stupid can he ? ....It must be a elf who looks like him thats all. )

"....W-who's your friend ? He kinda looks like the kind of idiot who will get himself killed at this rate "
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Posted 8/19/13
Sasaki raises an eyebrow.

"You don't put much of a value on your relationships, do you, Shiroyasha-dono? You don't recognize your good friend Zuuraki Katsuo? After you went to the effort of giving him a reference for his position? Ah well, I haven't any errands that require a dirty scoundrel's help, but if you'd like, I'll take that clamp off for you."

*raises gun and fires*

Oh dear, I seem to have hit the front tire. Let me try again."
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Posted 8/19/13
Originally posted by farispie

*Gintoki looks back in suprise and runs towards his beloved moped . He looks at the tire deflating with sadness. *


*Walks back to Sasaki and furrows his brows in anger . *

Gintoki would have loved to beat the ennui out of Sasaki's face. However, the watchdog will see to it that the task won't be easy.

Besides,"Zuuraki" seems to be up to something. While Gintoki does not care for whatever "Zuuraki" has planned, he wouldn't mind getting some dirt on the Mimawaragumi. Maybe if "Zuuraki" does his job right, then the question of wether or not Nobume wears panties with donut designs on them will be answered.

*mouth twitch*

"Allright,I'll get it . I think I remember that reference crap now. I hope Zuuraki-chan has been a good little recruit. "

"He really is an idiot sometimes, so you ought to give him a bunch of second chances . Also feed him some ramen instead of soba. Hrmm...make sure not to feed him too much sugar either or he will stay up past his bedtime. "


"Walks up to Zura *

*Annoyed look *

"......Don't come to me if this doesn't work out "
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Posted 8/19/13
Originally posted by Zuur4

"Walks up to Zura* (Zura ja nai Katsura da)

*Annoyed look *

"......Don't come to me if this doesn't work out "

He lets Gintoki's comments slide, at least he is going along with the charade.

*lowers voice*

"You should have more faith in me, Gintoki. It's almost as if you expect me of all people to be apprehended...If you go along with this i'll treat you to a parfait, though I still disapprove of your love of sweet foods"

*raises voice again*

"Elites never bother commoners when things go wrong, as Elites we will find an Elite means to handle any situation"

Satisfied that he has pleased both white-clad demons, he makes his way over back to the Mimawarigumi chief to resume patrolling the streets.
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