Petition for license rescue of Hunter x Hunter
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Posted 3/9/13

Many anime fans including myself grew up with the fantastic dub of YuYu Hakusho Funimation put out nearly a decade ago. Yoshihiro Togashi's work helped inspire a generation of anime fans around the world.

Currently airing in Japan, Togashi's magnus opus: Hunter x Hunter, is criminally unlicensed for the United States(and around the world) and garnering massive critical but more importantly commercial success in its home territory and from Interntational fans on Crunchyroll. A release of this fantastic series could and would start a new generation of anime fans in the current anime climate.

Please Funimation, you already have released Yoshihiro Togashi's other two works YuYu Hakusho and more recently Level E. We implore you to rescue this title and give it the spotlight it deserves

Spread the word if you're a fan of the series! The main purpose of this is to let Funimation know that there are people willing and wanting to pay for this series. Even if the petition itself doesn't make Funi license the series, getting the series on their minds is important. Fairy Tail is the most recent example of fan outcry causing them to seriously look at the series because they kept getting asked over and over

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Posted 3/9/13 , edited 3/9/13
Hi there ^.^ please try using the general help thread as personal threads are not allowed on the CR forums.

BTW I love the series and will support ^.^
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