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Which anime got your interest but after watching few episodes, you dropped it?
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Posted 5/20/13

Stewker wrote:

Total Eclipse

I'm watching Total Eclipse as I type this. I am going to force myself to watch the rest but this is a show that definitely qualifies for this thread. Has a really legit beginning and then... it just falls off a ****ing cliff. I would not blame anyone for dropping it.

Same here to an extent. I have been through multiple on-off spurts with TE. I started it several months ago, and I am maybe halfway through the series. My average time through a 25 +/- episode series is 1 - 2 weeks (if entire series is available of course). TE is almost like that "filler" in between other series that I watch (one or two episodes here or there).

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Posted 5/20/13

AnimeKami wrote:

GoldTStar wrote:

Tonari-no Kaibutsu-Kun...i got all the way to episode 9 but i had to rage quit. I absolutely despise Haru, what a terrible character he is. I will finish it eventually but for right now every time i see that stupid look on his face, i feel like punching someone.

remember if you finish you're entitled to talk trash about it.

in other news cuticle detective made me raquit in 1 minute. I must say it put up a good fight.

haha true i just gotta get through the rest to see if my perception changes!
and i wouldn't even attempt to watch news cuticle detective
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Posted 11/21/13
To keep the Forums tidy, closing threads that have been inactive for six months or more.

locked and closed
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