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Post Reply 10 best shojo mangas you think people should read
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Posted 3/15/15
A note on a couple of the more frequently mentioned ones, if you're wondering where to go:

Special A has a a lot in common with Maid-Sama, in particular the super strong female lead from a poor family, and the "perfect" male lead who is in love with her. It's a touch more light-hearted and fantastical, and also I'll note that the SA gets better as it goes along, so give it a little time if you don't immediately fall in love with it.

Fruits Basket and Kare Kano both start out pretty light-hearted, but both get pretty heavy and dramatic before all things are said and done. Never tragically so--these are love stories for girls, after all--but things get pretty real.

Taiyou no Ie is more straight drama all the way through--it doesn't need to get real, things pretty much start out that way.

Say "I Love You" is Kimi ni Todoke, if you move the plot along at Light Speed and make everyone at the school a bit of a bad-ass.
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Posted 3/15/15
I don't watch much Shoujo bc personally, I don't like to watch shows that center around the cliche "boy meets girl" love stories but here are some that don't include any or much romance! :D

1. Love Live School Idol Project

2. Yona of the Dawn (although it belongs to a lot of genres)

3. Celestial method

4. Your Lie in April (not sure if it counts as Shoujo but its definitely not shounen)
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Posted 3/16/15

Pretty much every other shojo manga is inferior and will live in it's shadow forever
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