Looking for some bored artists
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Posted 3/11/13
Just posting here to advertise a new mafia role playing group I started a while ago that will have pictures done by the members. So if you're bored you can join my group to illustrate short comics and pictures of the group/your OCs in action :D

Dies Irae

Current Position

The era of Al Capone has reached its final chapter, the world even more chaotic has become the mafia's new battle ground. With the assassination of the five top underworld leaders, the black organization has come to a time of chaos where no one runs the game anymore.

Featuring: Sofia Iosf and Astid Margulis - Playable Characters -

Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 3/11/13
Sounds awesome! But, it would be more awsome if you posted this here please

No personal threads allowed plz!!
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