The latest Naruto episode was a complete mess
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Posted 3/14/13
So basically, they are not in this hellish sort of place. However, as much as I tried to enjoy this episode, I just couldn't. Admittedly, the quality was alright, and isn't too bad. However, the amount of talking and thinking and everything else just slowed it down to such a pace I smashed my face into the keyboard. I mean, the sound 4, COME ON! They were pathetic, they were so weak and useless. Kidōmaru, come on, how did you NOT SEE NEJI COMING AT YOU! He was like "WHAT!" when Neji came bounding at him in plain sight.

Another thing I keep forgetting to bring up, but, wouldn't Shinobi mode a hell of a lot faster if they push off chakra with their feet? I mean think about it, in part 1, pushing off with chakra made them move incredibly ridiculously fast, and now they are bounding moving slow as hell.

And one final thing, I promise. That Naruto Vs Raikage fight. That Raikage moved s ridiculously slow even in lightning armour. He should have moved so much faster when chasing that rubber ball, and back again. And Naruto is the fastest character in the series at the moment, and he is running to the next battlefied. He is no where near it, he is running at an ordinary pace. It was the same with the run in with Itachi and Nagato. He was jumping and bouding towards them, not super duper ultra fast speed, bounding. He might not be so fast as to outrun the Sharingan, but he should be quick enough so that we are assured that he really is as fast as they say he is. Right then rant over, back to the main thing. The hell world.

(this is not a troll, just an annoyed fan. Sorry for the long post. And if you think I am wrong, please, go ahead and prove it. But not raging with full caps and screaming at my face. Just logic and reason, and I will take it seriously. Cheers all)

(Another thing, sorry if I pissed you off)
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Posted 3/14/13 , edited 3/14/13
It's borderline filler lol. Also, it is an anime, and a long ass shounen at that. Not everything is gonna be realistically played out.

Cest la vie, that's life just deal with it lol
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Posted 3/14/13
lol thats a Naruto filler for ya making everyone want to make there heads explode (not in a good way)
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Posted 3/14/13
You...expect way too much out of fillers.
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Posted 10/23/13
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