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26 / M / Los Angeles
Posted 10/9/13 , edited 10/9/13
I enjoy:

* Tsundere things
* Yuri things
* Moe things
* Gothic clothing

What I really don't enjoy:

* Plot developments based on misunderstandings
* A character constantly not having the conviction to tell another character how they feel
* Upon a character getting romantically rejected, they decide to "not give up" with the object of their affections, instead of moving on
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38 / M / Minnesota, USA
Posted 10/9/13
Faux Loli's: I'm the same age as those around me, I just look like a little kid. Not fond of the Loli thing in general to be honest.

Hyper mobile boobs: I love boobs, but I prefer that they behave like boobs. They don't need to seem like they are quasi sentient chest orbs that are trying to escape from their host.

Every shot is an upskirt: I don't hate fan service. I really don't, but it doesn't have to be pervy.

The princess waiting to be rescued: "My only redeeming quality is that someone loves me." makes me want to throw up.

The love trapezoid or rhombus or whatever: So and so loves so and so who loves so and so who loves ... I want to hate this, but I don't.

Bad Ass Chicks: Major Kusanagi, Mikasa Ackerman, etc. Any female character who is as tough or tougher than the guys.

So smooth with attitude (the Ace): Ranma, Spike Speigel etc. " I'm good and I know it, care to try your luck?"

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22 / M / The Dark Continent
Posted 10/9/13
I like when the bad guys turn good-ish, and vice versa.
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Posted 10/10/13
I'm no way a yaoi-watcher.

- When a character (friend) is interested in the activities you do. They follow you around like as if they were your brother. They're the kind that has that "what makes you tick" or what pushes you.

One anime that fits that trope like a glove
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