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Post Reply Anime with the Best Ending
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22 / M / The Bebop
Posted 7/1/15
FMA & FMAB's endings were wonderful. But my absolute favorite is the End of Evangelion. Not the abysmal ending to the TV series, I mean the actual movie End of Evangelion . In my opinion, it was a perfect finale to a flawed cast. All my questions and worries were answered, and I honestly wouldn't ask for a better ending.
Posted 7/1/15 , edited 7/1/15
Actual good endings can be tricky.
I was somewhat satsfied and very unsatisifed with the RahXephon series ending and a bit more satisfied with the movie version due to the character cutdown.
Ergo Proxy was satisfying.
Texhnolyze ended well enough after how the series went.

One of my favorites and one of the better ones I feel is Video Girl A.I.'s ending to this day I'm not sure exactly what happened.
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24 / M / Florida
Posted 7/1/15
Code Geass
Gundam Build Fighters & Try
Devil Survivor 2 the Animation
Kurokami the Animation
Yugioh(the first series)
The Legend of Korra
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44 / M / OR
Posted 7/1/15
Long live the King!

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30 / M / Arizona
Posted 1/18/16 , edited 1/18/16
Okay guys it's going on 2016. Any new anime that had any good endings?

One punch needs more seasons and The Grasia Trilogy had a nice satisfying ending.
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Posted 2/2/16
The best ending in anime for me would have to go to Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Good endings bring up questions like that. Whether a story is happy or not, it should end with you questioning the world around you, and the show, movie, series, etc that you just witnessed.
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23 / M / Finland
Posted 8/10/16
Just to name one:

Symphogear S3. Other seasons too, have great ending (obviously) but 3rd season has the best ending so far. I wont spoil anything, see for yourself.
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