Does anyone here have a famous, or somewhat famous actor in their family?
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Posted 3/17/13 , edited 3/18/13
I know i can't be alone here, but i am just curious. This includes diseased relatives (RIP).

My grandfather had a long legacy in acting, he mostly did plays, a few broadway runs and had his own show for a while.

People never believe me when i mention some of the stuff he was in, and then i show them his wiki page and their eyes widen. I miss him a lot, probably one of the funniest and nicest guys i knew. Makes you wish you got to know them more. He was never rich really, always kinda spent his money though they did have a nice victorian house.

His legacy earned him a Hollywood star, and although i missed out on the acting gene a lot of the guys in my family are following his footsteps.

Some notable stuff he was in:
Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (Mr. Duncan, the toy shop owner)
Rookie of The Year
Babys Day Out
Murder, She Wrote there's a link if you are curious.

A lot of the stuff still shocks me when i go back and read what he was in, so i just wanna see who else feels the same way i do when it comes to being related to someone famous.

Edit: This includes actresses too! Sorry i forgot to include that in the title!
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Posted 3/17/13 , edited 3/18/13
I don't have a famous actor in the family, but I'm infatuated with movie-things.

He won the Star on the Walk of Fame in 1960 which is awesome!

I find it really funny because I'm going to attend West Point and he starred in a movie about it - Assault at West Point: The Court-Martial of Johnson Whittaker. That's so cool!
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Posted 3/17/13 , edited 3/18/13
My uncle (who's a big Triad guy in Hong Kong) is in a lof Hong Kong movies...
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