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Posted 3/18/13 , edited 3/19/13
Me: No, those are different circumstances. Those people have had a direct relationship with you. A bond if you will. (I am not sure if you are being sarcastic, but I am assuming you are)
Not being able to relate to someone or feel anything for them is one thing. Like if a guy just broke up with his girlfriend or they are having issues or something along that line, and he tells his friend, a friend who has never had a girlfriend and has a hard time talking to girls. It will be hard for that person to sympathize with his friend who is having issues with his girlfriend because he doesn't know what it is like. He can be sympathetic, but to actually understand it and know what that guy feels, he won't know until he experiences it himself.

m: Okay that makes sense. I was wondering why i don't miss people or why
. It's probably because i'm not with them or that there are no images in my mind and i cannot imagine it or experience it.
: I think it is a subconscious thing. We like to care for other people, but we don't really care. Meaning that if it doesn't directly involve us, then it is hard for us to understand what they are feeling. I think as humans we like to care for and are designed to care for other people, but it makes it difficult to feel anything about it if you actually haven't experienced it.

: Hi, Read your profile and i wanted to ask you a question.
Why would someone be able to easily understand other people's emotions but fail to feel anything about it?

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