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Post Reply RWBY and RWBY Volume 2
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19 / M / Cali
Posted 10 days ago , edited 10 days ago
Sorry this news is a little late, but production for Volume 3 has begun!! \(^O^)/

Here's the statement from producer Gray Haddock

Greetings from Beacon-

A few months ago, Rooster Teeth committed that we would indeed continue to tell the adventures of Ruby Rose and her friends. And today we're very happy to pass you a little note letting you know RT is making good on our promise.

RWBY Volume 3 has gone into production!

We've assembled a wonderful crew, bringing back so many of the people who have worked on the show the last two years, as well as some new faces who helped raise the game on RvB13. These last couple months, Miles and Kerry have been writing a set of 12 chapters, working from the outline they developed with Monty. We've been working closely with our tech team to develop some new enhancements to the look and feel of the show, as we did going into Volume 2. Our art and modeling team has been designing the new locations and characters we'll be introducing (including some we've been hinting at for a while). We've heard Ruby and friends talking to us for the first time this year, as we've pulled the core cast into the booth to record the first few episodes, and I've already begun assembling the episodes' edits. And now, starting this week, our first animators have rolled off from their final scenes on RvB to return to working on RWBY.

I'd also like to announce that Kerry will be stepping up to take on directing responsibilities for this volume of RWBY, and Miles and I will have his back as co-directors. Kerry did a lot of heavy lifting the last couple years working with Monty as the show's co-director, and we felt it was natural for him to make his debut as a full director on this production. I'm sure you can imagine the challenges we are working through this year, so please do wish him and the crew well.

There are many other happenings in the world of Remnant coming your way soon! Warner Brothers Japan has announced the first four members of their voice cast ( check out rwby.jp ) and they will have more announcements on that front very soon, including more casting (the list is pretty incredible) and the release date of the Japanese version. The development team for the RWBY video game is growing and work is accelerating. And there's a variety of more Volume 3 news to come -- including some exciting casting as well as this year's release schedule.

The return to the world of RWBY is bittersweet, but mostly it's a relief. To see and hear the story come alive again, to reassemble the production family and see how everyone wants to do their very best for the show has been both inspiring and comforting. We hope that when you get to watch these new episodes later this year, you feel the same way. We're looking forward to being back in Remnant with you.

Hope you've been well,

Monty's dream lives on!! ^_^
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32 / M / outer wall, level...
Posted 10 days ago
Thank you Lord.
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29 / F
Posted 4 days ago
I just hope it's as good as before. It's coming in around 26 days now, I bet.
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