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Posted one day ago , edited one day ago

Colonel_Gerdauf wrote:
I honestly do not believe that Cinder is as simple as you are explaining her. If it was a cut close case, then perhaps you may have a point. There are simply too many loose stings and hanging questions, some deliberately planted by RT, about Cinder's actions for me to even entertain this notion.

Going to requote something I wrote from above since it's basically the same thing.

tasti_man_LH wrote:That most of the discussion around Cinder is what she MIGHT do and what she MIGHT be. Because the show has given us very little. And what they have shown is...barely much.

Even though we're 3 volumes in and about to enter the 4th.

And I frankly don't buy the Anarchist theory either. Since she flat out stated herself that she wants to be the one on top running things, I doubt she wants to tear everything down for the sake of chaos. And on top of all of it, it definitely seems like her goals are personal to her and not because she wants to prove a point.

The Joker she is not.

As for the Grimm, we have never seen them attack outside the premises of huntsman, huntresses and students in training, so there might be some justification for their "incompetence".

They have a whole professional field devoted to fighting Grimm and we're told over and over throughout the show how dangerous are...and the way how they're depicted, it makes the Hunters seem like glorified pest control.

The fact that they casually ignore Weiss and Blake while they are on a discussion is a bit annoying, but that is already an entrenched trope.

A trope that not only needs to die in a fire in the trash where it belongs, but a trope that was actually used incorrectly.

When you stop to have a discussion in the middle of a monster attack, it's usually played up for laughs. Here...I'm pretty sure it wasn't RT's intent to have us laughing at that particular scene.

With how emotional the fans got over the events involving Adam in the former Beacon cafeteria, I doubt that the sight of Grimm openly tearing the citizens to pieces would be such a bright idea.

It would solidify the stakes and tensions if they did.

It would allow me to buy the idea of the Grimm being an actual threat.
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They weren't negated by her death, they served to show her character and the weight she was being asked to carry. She chose to give up a potentially normal but fulfilling life with Jaune twice over actually. Once by choosing to be become the next Fall maiden, which in a sense carried the same potential death sentence just on a mental level; and secondly by choosing to go after Cinder to try to save the day (this sounds condescending but its the only way I can think of to describe it but I get why she went back and respect it).

That's really murky water honestly, I really get both sides on this point though I will point out that her death also served to push the idea that even the mighty fall and that the RWBY world isn't a safe place. I think from a certain vantage point her story did get a sort of resolution in that she embraced her role as a so called "hero" and met a hero's end because of it; especially considering one aspect of her story has been her always feeling burdened by being so skilled and certain expectations being placed on her to be this great hero. That being said the idea of her death being used to push Jaune forward really does irk me.

What they came up with imo was a fitting ending to him, not to mention potentially setting things up for Neo due to what happened.

And yet it fits for a character like him, its not really mood whiplash because he's always been more of a comedic slanted character. Even when he was being racist at the Faunus rally, it was given a comedic slant, because that's how that character is.

I have to assume that her back story will eventually come out, and honestly I don't mind sitting back and waiting for it. She's already defying/avoiding several female villain cliches/stereotypes, which is a good foundation for me.

She's been shown as having issues with authorities and political structures, her entire speech after Penny's death was revolving around that. I personally see her as more of a revolutionist, but I've seen others put forth anarchist too so meh. She's been on the side of being powerless against the political structures and corruptness therein, thus she's aiming to tear it down and give take away the power from those that misuse it.

Rather than The Joker (specifically Heath Ledger's) [anarchist], she's more like Elliot (if you've gotten to see Mr. Robot) [revolutionist].

The story from the way its going needed the shift, and honestly it opens the door to them tackling more mature subjects (legit mature, not the b.s. peddled by certain things as mature; ie sex, nudity, gore, etc). Like now they have the opportunity to tackle Yang having to recover from losing her arm and for now Blake. Blake and Yang talking, having words, and mending their relationship (either platonic or romantic) being another thing opened by how the story developed; then there's the entire Blake and Adam situation which is going into emotionally & physically abusive relationships; and Ruby having to move past friends dying and her maintaining her positive outlook.

Its easy enough to assume that violence and gore were happening outside of what we were seeing, that we were getting the view of the non-gorefest side of things. And I'd much rather they stick with that.

Attack on Titan shows multiple times people being eaten, having limbs bitten off, and corpses after the fact. I don't want that kind of thing in RWBY and it wouldn't fit with the style of the show. AoT after a while easily slips into the "Darkness Induced Audience Apathy" where you stop caring, I don't want that for RWBY.

The scene with Yang was one big contained event in a plethora of other events and the silhouette was a great way to do it to avoid going edgelord territory, while also showing how much danger is out there. What you're suggesting however would just send it into the aforementioned "Darkness Induced Audience Apathy" territory, because it'd be everywhere instead of in one contained event. I'd rather have the "contained meaningful darkness" than the "abundant shock value darkness".
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