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19 / M / USA
Posted 10/9/15 , edited 10/11/15
Background: 19 year old Ryuu is the oldest of a rich and somewhat known family. In his younger years Ryuu came into contact with a high demon. The high demon gave him dark powers along with a servant demon named Shunn.

When Ryuu got the powers the high demon burned a chaos symbol on his forehead and the symbol only appears when Ryuu is using his powers. At the time being Ryuu can use fire bolts, channel electricity, summon Shunn that can turn invisible and has razor sharp claws and teeth and he has three horns that are in a form of a triangle and he is a light green color. And Ryuu can teleport a few feet in any direction.
Likes: (cool dark areas, gaining all types of knowledge, manners)
Dislikes: (ill mannered people,inappropriate behavior, small and confined areas )
Type of monster: (Half-Demon)

Approved by: Raydar!:3
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16 / F / Cafe
Posted 9/17/13 , edited 10/10/15

Name:Jax 'The Ripper' Mezzo
Age: 14
Gender: Male
backround: Jax is jazz's twin brother who was half blinded at birth. When he was a four, he went to earth for training leaving Jazz back to Eclipseo where she stayed to become more prior in becoming the next boss. He does have the same condition as Jazz but is able to control his energy pulse just by changing into Star mode.
Likes: Kind-hearted people, music, games, tiger cubs, spicy food, studying
Dislikes:chaos, rude people, loud noises, sugar
Type of monster:Monochrome

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Posted 10/8/15 , edited 10/17/15

Name: Ray Chaos

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Height: 5'4

Background: Not much is known about his background, to him or anyone else, Lived as an orphan alive for the first 15 years of his life until he just decided to leave on a whim beyond that time he'd been doing smalls jobs mainly heavy lifting, cleaning, stealing, before finding the academy. However that was all found out to be fake, fault memories or suggestions given to him as or after he was created.

He is currently engaged to Nova, they both procrastinate over actually getting married, though they're both extremely happy togetther. He is the combat teacher at Monster Academy.

Ray is actually a "Nobody" created by Velano, his body contains many souls, however his own souls seems to be able to orchestrate the other many souls within him. As of late he's powers and personality have both been effected.

Likes: Jokes, Nova, music, immaturity, Cuddles.

Dislikes: When Nexus misbehaves.

Hates: Not much.

Type of monster: "Nobody."


Name: Velano

Age: ??? Looks around mid fortys with incredibly youthful skin/

Sex: Male

Height: 6'2

backround: His past is only known to him.

Approves of:
His own sons.
Causing some sort of trouble.

Bad behaviour.
Being serious.

Type of monster: Closely related to demon species


Name: Zee

Age: ???

Sex: Male

Height: 5'8

Background: A "Nobody" created by Velano in order to keep him company over the years. Is not a butler.

Likes: Existing.

Dislikes: The concept of not existing.

Type Of Monster: Nobody


Approved by: Raydar... By Myself xD
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F / Edo Era
Posted 10/10/15 , edited 10/10/15
Name:Succulent X.
Background:She grew up in a cold business family, never knowing what love actually was and thought it to be something of little meaning. However, she still grew up to be a fairly sweet girl indeed. Having no problem with helping others, encouraging people to do their best and stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves.
Likes:Males with facial hair, sweets, food, movies, sleeping, and clinging to the one guy she just can't go without a day
Dislikes:Feeling useless, hated
Type Of Monster:Dullahan

Approved by: Raydar :3!!
Posted 10/16/15 , edited 10/16/15
Type of monster - he is the son of the Egyptian god Bast
Powers- he has the ability to speak with animals , turn into a cat , and cat abilities in his half human form
Skills-music,and dance
Backstory= Dasmire is the half offspring of the Egyptian god Bast and a human male . He's never met his mother and his father has raised him in seclusion in the woods. He's shy and awkward having never known anyone outside of his father. He loves to read for it the only way he's experienced the real world.

Approved by: Raydar :3
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17 / F
Posted 10/17/15 , edited 10/17/15
Name: Nuna

Age: 17

Gender: female

Background: Nuna was a small and young child when her village was destroyed and torn apart by people looking for firefoxs as firefoxs where rare and hunted for their tails , Nuna's family all died and she was left alone , she made it out of the village alive and with all of her tails , but years latter when she was 15 she was finally found by hunters , one of her treasured tails where cut off and taken from her. Years after the horrible ordeal she had decided to go to the one place where she might be safe and protected

Skills: fighting with tails ( tips of tail can be as sharp as daggers ), Firefox flames ( learning to use ) , cooking , running fast

Likes: her tails, winning fights, apples, nice people , standing up for the underdog

Dislikes: losing a tail , mean people, losing fights, fighting for no reason, axes

Type Of Monster: Firefoxs ??? ( not sure what she is called, I think that's it )

Picture: ( meant to have nine tails but only has eight )

Approved by: Raydar ^O^
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19 / F / In the rain
Posted 10/18/15 , edited 10/19/15
Name: Kris Lahti
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Background: Kris Lahti is a half angel (father is an angel and mother a human) that had no reason to stay anywhere before. She had no true purpose in life so she used her wings for theft and crime. As long as no one died she was content with her life. Her parents decide to send her to the academy to see if she would mellow out but the chances of that happening are increasingly slim.
Likes: rain, freedom, artwork, and flying
Dislikes: death, destruction, war, poverty, and depression
Type Of Monster: Half Angel, Half human

Approved by Neko~
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Posted 10/20/15 , edited 10/20/15
Name: Hiragata Natsu (Last name, First Name)
Age: N/A
Gender: Female

Background: Birthed from a misconduct of magic, the soul of a girl was consumed; lost in time and space indefinitely from another era, perhaps one that is not this world. For her the academy was her one and only hope. She was successfully sealed away from her broken timeline, an old timewatch keeps her check to reality.

One of the only living specimen for temporal magic. She is a constant reminder that the risks are far greater to pursue than the gains. Although human, the infinite repeats of karmic loops have changed her. The first time she was bound to this world, the binding was not fully complete; releasing a powerful S-Class monster. Though classified information, one of the academics deemed that there would’ve been more value to deem saving her than destroying her.

With great effort, she was stabilized; but at same time gravely diminishing what she had become. With further evaluation deeming that the bound form resulted in a B-Class monster. However she is under constant monitoring.

A magical timewatch binds her to this timeline, for purposes of self-defense; she can wind the timewatch backwards, working like a timer. She can summon the alter-ego, at most for seventy-two-seconds. There has been research about whether she could control her behavior when disconnected from reality or not.

Research notes:

Likes: To be in control; Cute things, People
Dislikes: Magic, Fighting; To forget, To lose control
Type Of Monster: Temporal Demon

Approved by: Raydar :3 :3 :3
Posted 10/23/15 , edited 10/23/15
Name- Flaxon
Age 16
Type of monster- half Angel and half Devil
Ability- hand to hand combat , sword play ( blade singing) , intimidation , Dark allure ( hypnotic suggestion) , cipher , piano , and spirit control.
Dislikes-people staring at him or being the center of attention
Flaxon is the result of forbidden love . He was raised in secret by his mother and taught how to protect himself . His quit and carries a forceful presence . He shys away from most but his teachers who he shows great respect.

Approved by Neko~
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F / ♱ My room ♱
Posted 12/17/15

Name: Amber Thorne

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Amber is the youngest of 7 daughters. She was always treated as a baby and never taken seriously. When she turned 12 she took an interest in technology and bought her first computer, which was shuned by her family. Her family broke and hid the computer in attempt to rid her of her 'foolish dream' but only pushed her away. Amber started working at a car wash until she earned enough money to buy yet another computer but this time she bought a laptop so that she could keep an eye on her precious tool. Her family sent her to Monster Academy in attempt to show her that her dream is foolish but this only gave her more time to learn about technology.

Early every morining she goes to the Cof-Tea shop and takes a seat at her usual seat at the table in the back, left-hand-side of the room next to the shop window. She then orders a Double Chocolaty Chip Crème Frappuccino. Amber then pulls out her laptop and does her usual hacking websites with top secret information and other illegal things whilst sipping her frappuccino

Kick boxing
Hacking Websites that seem to have impenetrable security
Her singing puts near by men under a spell and allows her to control them for a limited time of 5 mins. However the men will have no memory of being under control

Proving people wrong
Her computer
Cold/moist weather

Extreme heat
Stupid/loud people

Fire baaaaad

Type Of Monster: Siren/Human Hybrid

Other Information: When water makes contact with Amber's skin see turns into her Siren form

(Hey guys, ummm I am back and I would like to start afresh, so here is my attempt)
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