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18 / M / The land of Vikin...
Posted 3/28/13 , edited 3/28/13
Name: Akane
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Background: A demon-cat that grows attached to people that she finds interesting. About 100 years ago she grew attached to an alcoholic, who ended up being an animal-abuser, Akane was kicked on two days straight, Akane ripped his throat out when he had passed out. About 60 years ago she grew attached to a merchant who turned out to be dealing with dog-fights including cats. After winning several rounds she made everybody in the room comit suicide, with her illusion magic. She met Vance 7 years ago, and are now attached to Vance. Nobody before has ever known that she is an demon-cat or that she can change form, but now she has introduced herself to the school and Vance. She never let the people she is attached to die.
Likes: Evil, people she finds interesting (Often include some sort of evil), Milk, Fish
Dislikes: Animal-abusers, alcoholics, alcohol, Rats
Power: Can change into human form (but she can`t speak in neither form), Illusions, healing abilities.
Type of monster: Demon-cat
Picture: Normal form (Cat-form)

Human form
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