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The funniest thing that you did at School
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Posted 5/6/13 , edited 5/6/13
During study hall I got out of class, took the roller platform to the janitors bucket off and rolled from one end of the school to the other like I was a beggar who lost his legs. Making it a point to stop at the doorway of any classroom with its door open just long enough so people would notice me before I slowly pushed myself away. I almost made it to the very end (and to the vending machines) before my study hall teacher found me. She wasn't too happy.

Another time got a job as a hall monitor one semester instead of just being stuck in study hall. Messing around in the theater classes store room and found a baby doll and devil horns. Put the horns on the baby and decided to take it with me during monitor errands. Stopped in front of my friend's English class (doors closed) and just stood there stroking my devil baby's head in the window. He finally turns and sees me and burst out laughing in class. I run off and next class hour he comes tell me everyone was staring at him for randomly laughing and proceeds to punch me for making him look stupid.

But probably the funniest thing I did back in school was also one of the random funnest thing I did. The auditorium was getting renovated with new carpet and chairs so they stripped everything down. We had this big down hill room now. I took it upon myself to borrow my friend's skateboard and roll down on our new hill on my belly pretending to be Superman. Eventually we upgraded to a rolling palette used to move stuff for the band and theater group. then it upgraded to a mattress on top of the palette so more people could ride down. Eventually the theater students come in for play practice and we are all just riding down on this mattress. Throughout play practice there would just be people riding down on the mattress when they weren't on stage. Just so random how the opportunity presented itself and how so may others enjoyed this simple little thing. Almost surreal since its not something you could ever normally do in school. Next day I heard from my friend they saw the music/theater teacher riding down on the mattress.
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Posted 5/6/13

animemonster96 wrote: Messing around in science class with Busen Burners by shoving pens in them and other stuff.
Heh heh, we made life hell for our science teacher pulling stuff like this. I strongly disliked science class, so it made everything a little more lively for me.
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Posted 5/7/13
In my senior year, a classmate of mine told me to say something stupid, so I called him retarded. He proceeded to tell me that wasn't stupid, and the entire room burst out in laughter!
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Posted 11/6/13
Closed due to inactivity. Its been over 6 months and no new posts. Locked.
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