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any Sonic The Hedgehog series lovers?
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Posted 3/27/13
I love the Sonic Games very much, I do prefer the older stuff and I have to say Sonic Adventure, 1 and 2 have a huge place in my heart :3 and not only do I like the games but I adored the cartoons and anime, especially the OVA xD anyone else here like Sonic? what game? and whos your favorite character?
Posted 3/28/13
Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 are two of my favorite games. But the Sonic game I probably enjoyed the most was Sonic Adventure. I did like Sonic Adventure 2 but I missed the adventure fields from the first one. The Sonic Rush games were also pretty fun. I watched the cartoons every week when I was younger. Big fan of Sonic music too. My favorite character is Tails.
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Posted 3/28/13 , edited 3/28/13
Heh, once I got to play a Sega Genesis for the first time, I became an instant Sonic fan. As a youngster doing odd jobs at the time, it seemed like it took forever for me to get enough money for a Sega Genesis and Game Gear, but it was all worth it just for the Sonic games! I also watched the animated series and read the comic books as a kid.

Perhaps my favorite of the series is Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles; excellent game that I have played for hours. Today I still have a lot of fun playing through the game.

Favorite character? Well... Probably Metal Sonic. I always thought Metal was Dr. Robotnik's (or Eggman, if you wish) coolest robot, and perhaps his most successful creation as well. It's always a lot of fun to have the option to play as Metal in the Sonic games that have him available as a playable character.
Posted 3/29/13
I like the old school ones and the Adventure series. I remember playing Shadow the Hedgehog and actually liking it, haha. Sonic Heroes wasn't bad, either. I wish they would start making more good games.
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Posted 3/30/13
Ive been a a big Sonic fan for years since I was like 3 lol the PS1 was the first console I owned but the first game I ever played was Sonic 2 and I loved it. Now days I have played loved about 80% of the franchise my favorite game in it is probably Sonic Generations my favorite character is Shadow the Hedgehog XD
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Posted 3/31/13 , edited 3/31/13
Favorite cartoon? Sonic the Hedgehog. Way past.

I remember when I sat down to play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the first time, never having played it before, I found myself feeling like I had. A feeling of chemistry, as if something had just "clicked" or maybe I had played the game in a past life (if I believed in that sort of thing.) Those are feelings people usually have when they fall in love. I got that at six years-old, playing my brand-new SEGA Genesis for the first time in the living room of the house I grew up in.

Why do fools fall in love? Maybe they're not fools - just children.

Blue is my favorite color, I've recently spray painted Sonic onto my computer case, made a customized Sonic jacket that I wear all the time, I find myself tapping my foot out of impatience (a learned action from years of sprite-observation) whenever I'm waiting in line somewhere and I have an unusual love for chilidogs. The intro/trailer for Sonic Adventure made me absolutely giddy when I first saw it and it still makes me grin like crazy when I sit down and turn on the Dremcast just to watch that. My online presence screams obesssion with the blue blur and I would KILL someone for a pair of SOAP Scorchers that fit me.

Okay, maybe not kill. I'm a good guy like that.

Part of my screenname comes from what heard in the anime when they called out Sonic's name ("SONIKKU!")
Favorite character? Are there other characters other than Sonic? I hadn't noticed...
Favorte game? Sonic the Hedgehog 2, no doubt. Don't care for the first game, honestly - not fast enough. You know that part in Chemical Plant Zone where, if you Spin-Dash down the loop-de-loop near the beginning of the stage, the "camera" can't keep up and Sonic isn't actually on the screen for a split second? Bliss. Three and Kuckles are pretty fantastic and 3D Blast give me motion sickness but still holds a special place in my heart. The actual 3D games are pretty terrible, but there's always been one constant that make it all okay:

The music. The only thing I know how to play on my new, sparkly deep-blue bass guitar? The line for the final boss segment of Sonic 2.

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24 / F / ireland
Posted 3/31/13
I used to be obsessed with Tails. I had the original megadrive games years ago.

I have the old games on the Mega and gems collections and also recently got Sonic adventure. Which is OK apart from Big's shitty levels and poor camera. I love the way tails can fly about by himself, which I always wanted to do on Sonic heros but you couldn't.

I also have both of the Rush games and unleashed (werehog is awful in every way and chip is the most irritating little cunt ever). The RPG they made wasn't very good either.

I'm tempted by the Generations games and the new part 4 series but I think I'm a bit too old for it now.

I never liked any of the TV shows though.
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20 / F / The land down under
Posted 4/8/13
I totally loved Sonic 2006
pfft, NO.

Joking aside. The old GBA sonic games were my favourites back then. Played that stuff everyday. I was a little cheat using Cream on every level XD. Still loved it though. I also loved Shadow the Hedgehog and it's multipath storyline :)

In the anime, Knuckles, Sonic and Amy were my favourites. Hate to admit it but, I sort of had a crush on knuckles.

Yeah, Sonic is awesome. Hope they make a new game soon.
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20 / M / Australia
Posted 4/8/13
I guess I still like the games. They should be a game like Sonic Generations in the future now...

I played most of the games in the Sonic series.
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23 / M / Australia
Posted 4/9/13
Played the first few Sonic games, up until Sonic & Knuckles. They were awesome, and I also liked Sonic Adventure 2. Recently bought it on Steam.... Gotta go fast!
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Posted 4/18/13
I loved the music to the games. I was always terrible at playing them, but if I had to choose, I'd pick Sonic 2 hands down. So much nostalgia.

Fav char: Tails.
This may have something to do with the fact that I played him all the time (I was always made to play second player - comes with being the visitor).
I liked his personality in Sonic X. He's sort of a counter to Sonic's overbearing character.
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30 / M / U.S.A.
Posted 4/20/13
i like sonic the hedgehog. I only like the old school 2D side scrolling games thought. Those are the best in my opinion. the ones that played for the sega genesis.
Posted 4/21/13
I played Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knucks. They're fun, but it doesn't automatically make me a fan of Sonic just because I played the game... Yeah.
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F / Sweden
Posted 4/25/13
Sonic the Hedgehog was my childhood. More so than Mario is for most people. I had the complete Sonic Mega Collection on Gamecube, which included the comic books, a dozen games, video-clips + more. It was awesome. Also watched when it was aired on TV.

I remember disliking Tails because he seemed like such a wuss (I was very tomboy-ish at the time), and wanted to be like Knuckles. Sonic was always a favorite though.
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22 / M / SRF-003 Calnus
Posted 4/25/13
heck yeah sonic was an awesome game for me when i was kid i remember playing sonic the hedgehog 1 never beat that only the second and my favorite character is tails
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