The Social Networking Thread
Posted 3/28/13 , edited 3/28/13
'm sure many, if not all of us, regularly use our accounts on other websites such as YouTube, Facebook, tumblr, Twitter, or what have you.

This is the thread for posting your extra contact info, doesn't matter where it's from.

Here's some of my stuff.

Jedi Council Forums:
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Cloud 9 ½ (Elysia...
Posted 3/28/13 , edited 3/29/13
Oh my god I have so many accounts, I'm not sure if I can list them all.. let's see.

Facebook: You must know me well enough first. c:
Instagram: flayaltadusa
Youtube: flayaltadusa
Kik: flayaltadusa
Mangafox: flayaltadusa
Fanfiction & Fictionpress: flayaltadusa
Twitter: flayaltadusa
Textplus: 604-757-5035

Most of my accounts on anything anywhere are flayaltadusa, so I'll leave the rest to you... :3
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20 / M
Posted 3/28/13
You have so many accounts O.O

Let's see I'll list a few.

My Anime List -
Fanfiction -
My (New) MySpace - - (That link may not work right)
My Youtube - Coysgo

That's all I can come up with for now.
Creator Wally
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Posted 3/28/13 , edited 5/2/13
All I have is one other account

My Anime List -

Edit: I just now started expanding

Deviantart -
(It is just my MOT dump really don't expect any kind of actual art I stopped drawing years ago)

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Posted 3/29/13
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20 / F / Washington
Posted 4/12/13
Facebook: You do have to know me better first.
Kik: SGItalia
Twitter: S_Italia

So yeah XD Basically it.
Problematic Bae
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Posted 4/18/13 , edited 4/18/13
Tumblr: ; for the blog I manage pertaining to anime, go to
My AnimeList (fairly inactive tbh):
Twitter: Listed on my CR profile
Blog for random animu fics (under construction):
Youtube: MewMewPudding33 or BadGirlGoodGirl11, both aren't very active, I've been really wary since I got a strike for uploading a jpop song by mothetfucking Idea Factory, some company that didn't even officially own the copyrights. Youtube is a bitch sometimes.
Email: Primarily
Facebook: Not active, not gonna list like ever.

Image Hosting:
Photobucket (I know I'm not using my name lol, I made this when I was like twelve):
Imgur Accounts (since they only allow 225 images for 'free users', like bitch plz, photobucket has a ton more space):


Deviantart (not very active, just started using it again):
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