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Post Reply Why Non-Japanese Otakus should NEVER visit Japan
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40 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 8/17/13 , edited 8/17/13
Dude this is nuts. I've never been to Japan but I would like to go there some day. I've always wanted to visit mount fuji and go snow boarding if it is possible to do it there. I also want to visit their war monuments to get the other side of the story etc and find out more about their culture and people. I also want to visit studio ghibli and production IG if it is possible to tour those places etc. Plus much more.

Any Asian people I have met in my home country have always had far better manners and are more respectful than the actual people from my own country. As a result (and out of respect) I always go out of my way to help them if they need it.

I think you are really shooting yourself in the foot by taking the attitude that you are, based on not very good information.
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29 / M / Charleston WV
Posted 8/21/13
Ok. So hate me for liking your culture
Ok So hate me for liking something you made.
Ok so hate for spending money in your country.

So if your there going to hate me anyways as a otaku why not add sopmething else to the list .
Posted 8/21/13
I'M still going anyway if i had the chance ..
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36 / M / Florida
Posted 8/21/13 , edited 8/21/13
OP, you are an idiot., but I don't blame you because you're only 19 with no life experience.

Tourists and visitors are welcome in just about any modern country. Japan is an awesome place with all kinds of history, culture, and modern goodies, same as countries in Europe or the USA. The people there are not some incomprehensible collective that loathe or love "foreigners," they are human beings with their own lives, and none of them give a damn who you are, were you're from or what your hobbies are as long as you obey they law and don't cause trouble in their country. The fact that you like anime or manga would, at worst, be considered quaint and a little silly.

Having lived there myself for a year on JET and visited numerous times for both business and leisure, I would recommend anyone who's never been to Japan go at least once. I imagine anyone who's been to the British Isles, Peru, Iceland, or really foreign country would say the same.
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52 / M / In
Posted 8/23/13
This is like saying don't visit the south because they are all inbread hicks which isn't true. I have been to japan and even trained a little with the SDF honestly they are some of the most wonderful people your ever going to meet.
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28 / F
Posted 9/9/13
I think the OP just in some culture shock. I felt the same way before going to France. It's good that you are so sympathetic to a culture that is not your own, but you shouldn't treat it or see it as an insanely foreign and delicate thing. The Japanese are quite strong and sound and human. It's important to remember that any culture is like yours, just different. And that's good. Any Japanese person that doesn't like you or want anything to do with you, can leave you alone and vice versa.

I think you, rukialover93, should go to Japan, and I wish you a fun time there. GOOD LUCK!
Posted 9/15/13 , edited 9/15/13

George_z wrote:

One of the shirts that provoked the most laughs, sneaky cell phone pictures and even provoked people into chatter with me was the one that said
"!DANGER! Large Foreigner!"

I want one like that. One that says "Foreigner!" covering the front and back, just highlighting my Caucasian complexion. And at night... it glows in the dark.

Or, one that says something like "This foreigner is clueless" on the front, and on the back "Kick me."

As for the OP. Even if what you said was true, I would ignore it. In fact, it would be an even better reason to go. To prove them wrong, by being a better example.
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27 / M
Posted 9/16/13
I think there should be a warning sign in every International Airport saying "Welcome to real life, Try to be polite and well mannered"
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Posted 9/19/13
I'm assuming you would've planned on stepping out of the airplane in a fully cosplay outfit? Like I don't understand why someone shouldn't go to Japan as a tourist regardless of their intentions/interests may or may not be.

In the end, I don't see why people would give a shit. I don't know how to say it nicer than behave like a normal person and you'll be fine?

Not going to a country because of something like that is just hilarious and tragic.
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18 / M / Canada! ^-^
Posted 9/23/13
You should have mentioned the Vietnam War. Most Viets today actually welcome Americans to their country. I'm sure it's barely different from Japan.
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21 / M / United States
Posted 9/28/13
I'm American, the world seems to have a huge vendetta for Americans. I like to see new places. If people think I'm not going to go some place and enjoy myself because they don't like me they can go stuff themselves. I'll respect their wishes and things like that, but I'll make sure to have them no their displeasure for my presence doesn't concern me.
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Posted 10/12/13 , edited 10/12/13

Karnrage wrote:

Don't think there is anything wrong with visiting or living in japan, because the people that still hate foreigners are in the vast minority of the people that live in Japan.

Although I do find it kind of funny the number of an anime fans that want to live over in Japan or Korea, because they think it's some dream world where everything is amazing over there and far superior to where they live now. Which is completely false, no matter where you live there will still be problems you have to deal with and for the most part no country is far superior to another one(assuming they're both first world countries).

All completely true. To expand on this issue further, a lot of people everywhere still have the Animation Age Ghetto, and guess what, this applies to Japan as well, except worse. A lot of anime that doesn't show up on late night TV are mainly Shonen (Meaning 12-17 years old male). Don't believe me? Here's a list of Shonen anime:
Mirai Nikki
Fullmetal Alchemist
Deadman Wonderland
Attack on Titan
Death Note

Even though at the end of the day this boils down to values dissonance, as Japan has less stricter age friendly content issues that in the U.S. or UK, anime is still mainly considered kids stuff, and anyone who does watch it is almost automatically considered an Otaku, which is a really negative stereotype in Japan. (Look at the "Otaku Killer" Tsutomu Miyazaki for example).
In conclusion, if you want to go to Japan for anime, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. Aside from what I explained earlier, there are a lot of differences to Japan than places like America. For example, there's no central heating in most buildings, (Because the summers there are abnormally hot) Japanese is amongst one of the most difficult languages to learn, not to mention the three to four languages thing, it's based around cash instead of debit or credit, high tech gadgets are not the norm as you'll see a lot of fax machines inside houses, traditional Japanese toilets are holes in the floor that you have to squat in, and there's a lot of etiquette to consider. (Such as not blowing your nose in public, not sticking your chopsticks in rice straightly upwards, different ways of sitting down between genders, folklore and superstition, tatami mats, etc.)

However, I wouldn't let that discourage you, as I'm in the minority, not going to Japan, only a teen, getting all this info from researched sites such as, etc., so just take this post with a pinch of salt, as I'm not going to act like an expert. To do so would be hypocritical.

Regardless of this, I plan on visiting, and eventually moving to Japan, as the food is wonderful, the culture and terrain looks beautiful, and has a low crime rate. And I know that I'll respect the cultural differences there, and be mature enough to adapt. If there are people who view you the wrong way from first glance, shame on you if you care what they think.
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26 / M
Posted 10/13/13 , edited 10/13/13
If you go, observe and respect their customs. Try to learn some Japanese before you go. Accept the idea that everywhere there will be some people who do not like outsiders. Lastly recognize the huge difference between cartoons and reality. It's a real place with real people who are busy with their own lives.

If you want to visit go ahead. I've got twice before and I loved it. Just don't expect it to be an otaku wonderland.
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23 / F / San Antonio, Tx, USA
Posted 10/14/13 , edited 10/14/13
the only reason i would want to go to Japan is to visit friends. I have been in love with the Japanese culture since i was a little girl. I want to visit hot springs and eat the food. One of my best friends i Japanese and she was born in Tokyo. She always tells me that I need to come visit her (since she moved back). Yeah sure i would love to see the Harajuku Area and such but only because since i was a little girl i wanted to explore tokyo. My parents took my sister there when she was little and they had a great time! I also want to honeymoon there! I have the up most respect for the elders and the people. I understand i might be an American but i'm not like stupid Americans.. I have been learning Japanese for when my dad takes me after i graduate College. and some day i want to move there with my kids so that they can experience it! also i own a Traditional Kimono and i am waiting to visit Japan before i wear it! so i can learn how they are made and how to properly wear it!
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32 / F / Philadelphia, PA
Posted 10/17/13
It's probably been said but...

Everywhere in the world there is some form of discrimination and not so pleasant history...

Avoiding it will not fix it. Avoiding it will rob you of many experiences.

Confront it head on and just try not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

You can only do so much as an individual, but as long as you're doing's enough.
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