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Weird Pictures that are not photoshopped
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19 / M / United States
Posted 3/30/13

Looks like a cartoon piece of paper from all angles. It is actually a metal sculpture in New Zealand.

Looks like a painting or a cartoon right? Nope, with the right lighting and angles, this picture is actually a snapshot of trees and a sand dune.

This weird table and chair structure looks huge but actually is not that much bigger than the person.

I wish I built this...

Monster attack! Actually just some sea weed lol.
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18 / M / Stoke, England
Posted 3/30/13 , edited 3/30/13
That bottom one with the seaweed is awesome. And the sand dune and trees one, actually.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 10/1/13
Closed due to inactivity. It's been over half a year and no new posts.
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