My Legendary Anime Weekend
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Posted 3/31/13 , edited 3/31/13
Every So Often When I Have a Large School Break tend to go a little overboard on anime watching. Last Winter break it was 15 anime and that has been a record for me. My question is it weird to attempt to finish alot of anime in a short time...or should i take my time with it. Also im currently at 13 anime finished this weekend counting movies

Pet Girl
Psycho pass
Please Teacher
Please Twins
Dream eater Merry
The Girl Who Leapt through Time
Princess Lover
Vividred Operation
Black Lagoon (plus Roberta's Blood trail)

A good List wouldnt ya say? and all may i add watched legally

Also The list of 15 from winter break

Say I love you
Monogatari (Nise and Bake)
Good Luck Ninomiya kun
Medaka Box
My Little Monster
Dragon Crisis
Guilty Crown
Accel World
Steins (semicolon) Gate

Which Is The Better List?

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26 / M / The OC
Posted 3/31/13
I suggest two things....
1.Take your time, you have till the day you die to watch them all
2. Don't post pointless topics
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M / ミシガン
Posted 3/31/13 , edited 3/31/13
I'm glad u watched them legally, but this is a personal thread, which is against the rules.

And to answer your question though, no, I don't think it's too weird to finish a lot of anime in a short period of time. I think a lot of us here go on anime binges pretty often, just make sure not to neglect any of your important responsibilities that you have in real life.
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25 / M / This Dying World
Posted 3/31/13
hey re make the thread when you watch 20 + animes a season...
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 4/1/13
This topic lacks a discussion. Locked. As personal threads are not allowed and this thread is locked. Also, see the site rules so that none of your future threads will suffer the same fate here:
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