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Posted 4/1/13
Kind of surprised that there is already a post here. I am looking forward to it, seems kind of fun for a b2p and may keep me busy for awhile, your thoughts?
Posted 4/1/13 , edited 4/1/13
I played in the beta since I pre-ordered it (didn't get involved early enough to play in previous betas of it though) and I like it. I found myself just having fun riding around seeing the environments, running enemies over and doing the races. It's a pretty nice shooter that has a few challenging areas that I really wish I had help with at the time but nothing too impossible to solo aside from arkfalls. The community seems to be pretty standard so far with a decent mix of both helpful and nice players as well as the a-holes. It is very nice to be able to just pay once and play with no worries about subscriptions so I definitely think that it is a game to check out for anyone that likes the genre. I only wish I could have more than 2 guns equipped at a time. I love too many of them to just be limited to two.

Edit: Oh, and I do wish there were a lot more customization options though but the character I made looked pretty sweet so I can't complain too much about that.
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Posted 4/19/13
I play, and It's pretty fun imho.
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Posted 4/24/13
I play this off and on as well.

It definitely lacks the "MMO" feel...but I enjoy it as a game in general. I've finally caught up on the show as well.

So far, the TV show is sooo good!
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Posted 10/25/13
Closed due inactivity. 0 new posts in months. Locked.
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