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Post Reply What do you think of vegetarianism/Veganism
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18 / F / USA
Posted 12/9/13 , edited 12/9/13
I have been a vegetarian for three years now. I am a horrible picky eater, and I never really liked any kind of meat beforehand. All I ate before I was a vegetarian was shrimp and pepperoni. The only reason why I ate those was because they were in foods I like ie pizza and shrimp fettuccine alfredo. I gave up those meats and soda because I wanted to be healthier, but shrimp and pepperoni offer no nutritional value. Now all I eat is healthy food and drink tea. It is kind of like being on a diet, but it is not so bad as you think. I am also only 120 pounds, and that is impressive for sitting around all day like a lump. *cough* I also have very clear skin.

Edit: I also looked through a few comments, and I was a little displeased with a few. I do not believe I am righteous or high-and-mighty because I am a vegetarian. In fact, being a vegetarian sometimes can be a hindrance. A few people in my high school have sent me disturbing photos of slaughtered animals to my iPad (each student is given an iPad at our school). In no way did I think it was funny or cute. It was disgusting and horrible. I had to show the principal at one point because one girl kept sending them during class, and it was a form of bullying.

I also do not promote vegetarianism either. It does cost more, but you have to pay the price to stay healthy nowadays. I also took a nutritional class at a college during the summer for my GenEd. I learned what vitamins were crucial for me, and now I make sure I get them in some form or another. I understand that pills are not healthy for your kidneys, so I make sure I get the nutrition through foods usually. Remember, I am not a vegetarian because of ethical values or religious ideals. I am simply a vegetarian because I am a damn picky eater and I wish to stay a little healthy since I am rarely active. Sorry for the long, annoying rant. I feel I have made my case.
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23 / M / Corner of Moon &...
Posted 12/9/13
No problem with vegans, but i could never give up the good meats like chicken, lean turkey, Steak. Don't get me wrong, I like to eat my veggies too. But i need some juicy meat to go with them veggies you know
Posted 12/10/13 , edited 12/10/13
I am a vegetarian. I just can't tolerate the smell of meat or the taste. It makes me sick to the stomach. People who eat fast food places should watch Food Inc. and see the kind of meat you eat. I don't think that being vegetarian has anything to do with politics. I think it's just a personal choice. A lot of people do it for health issues, some just do it because they wanted too. Being vegetarian does have a lot of positive outcomes. I understand that without meat you lack in protein and such but there are other forms to get it i.e vitamin pills. My skin is a lot more clearer and healthier. Maintaining my weight hasn't been easier, and I have plenty more energy than before! Now vegan is a whole different story! ^_^; eliminating all types of foods with any type of animal source, that will be hard!
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M / West Point (USMA)
Posted 12/12/13 , edited 12/12/13






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19 / F / Balmer, Murlin
Posted 12/12/13 , edited 12/12/13
Meat is tasty.

I get that some people can't stomach the thought of eating anything with a face. I understand. I just won't submit myself to a life of eating plants. Luckily, I've met few hardcore vegans/vegetarians who try to shove their diets down my throat. Those are annoying. Some say its for health, and some say hypocritical bullcrap like "I can't take another life for myself!" Plants are living things. We have to eat other things to live. It sucks if you think too much about it, but sadly, such is life.

Nothing against people with these kind of diets, though. Many of my friends are vegetarians. I just don't like the self-righteous ones (whom do exist, mind you, though they are not the majority by any means).

Eat whatever ya want. I'll do the same.
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