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Your Favorite Panties.
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Posted 4/5/13
Striped Of course, a symbol not of elegance, but a symbol of that playful child deep down.

I'm bored, so what kind of panties do YOU like?
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Posted 4/5/13
Hmmm there are multiple things one can do when bored....

Read a book... watch some reruns on tv... check out a new anime on Crunchyroll (hint hint)... all sorts of stuff. Some of them are constructive good ideas! Some of them are threads about what kind of panties you like to see in anime apparently.

So while there is nothing technically "wrong" with the idea of talking about panties, I will be honest. The odds that the thread will go into a direction that is wrong is pretty good, and honestly, this isn't a very promising discussion topic. I commiserate with your boredom but I am going to have to request you find a slightly more constructive outlet than a pantsu thread.

The anime motivational poster thread is always good for a laugh for example, or a cringe.

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