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Favorite types of fanservice
Revolver Dogelot
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Posted 4/9/13
Hi Carbokill and AnimeKami it's me everyone's favorite space cow. Even if what you are saying is basically correct you should still say it in a nice way. In other words not in a trollish flamey way that makes people report it so that I have to come to the thread and edit a bunch of posts.


That said my favorite type of fanservice is also... uh.... none. I don't like fanservice unless it is in the form of a gundam firing a nuclear weapon from his butt that causes an entire solar system to explode while vegeta screams something about 9000.
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Posted 4/9/13

hpulley wrote:

I love regular fanservice but I really love kimono fanservice and even the recent hair brushing/cutting fanservice is growing on me...

As, yes. There's something about making something that's not traditionally sexually, erotic that words cannot describe how I want to know how they even came up with it.
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Posted 4/18/13
Op nuked.

Feel free to recreate.

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