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Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Discussion
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Posted 4/4/15 , edited 4/5/15

When I read the news a bit earlier at ANN, my first thought was, "Frack various circumstances".

On the upside, at least we got an explanation, rather than the second season mysteriously never happening.

Of course, the second message in the discussion thread at ANN had to be from one of those "Nothing should exist I don't like" types that exclaimed, "Thank goodness they scrapped it! May it never resurface again!"

Bakaneer wrote:

And speaking of Gargantia, the dub for all episodes, including the first two OVAs, are coming to Neon Alley and Hulu this Sunday.

Thanks for the info. Putting up with Hulu's ads seems like a fair trade to be able to view the OVAs.


The first two OVAs are up on Hulu now, listed as episodes 14 & 15 of season one:

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Posted 5/15/15 , edited 5/16/15
I just started watching this series and it just shot up on my "Need to catch up" list
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Posted 7/6/15 , edited 7/6/15
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet / Special # 2

The Ocean Routes Are Lost In The Distance

A very nice special covering new tech and goods from salvage / a new trading partner / betrayal and a new enemy!

The daily life of Gargantia is shown in a nice way as always ! A rebuilt command ship gets done but the truth about Reema comes to light as she is an agent for the land humans who want a mech Muzaru that she came in possesion of! However they need Ledo to try to interface with it and leads to all kind of problems !

So do we finally get a finish with specials since the sequel got dumped for the novel?

The rebuilt command ship

Pinion doesnt know ts Lukkage

Reemas Plot

Reema only friend was the mech

The mech wouldnt let Reema die

A big sea battle

Amy and Ledo are close as ever

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Posted 7/6/15 , edited 7/6/15
I need to see this. I really liked this show. Sad it didn't get another season.
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Posted 7/7/15 , edited 7/7/15
I really need to get around to watching the 2nd OVA.... I hope that book gets picked up by Yen Press eventually too.
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Posted 1/26/16 , edited 1/27/16
Does any one know were can be found the novels ?
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Posted 4/5/17 , edited 4/6/17
I just found this show and I'm blown away by the first two episodes. I'm a huge science nerd and to see an anime like this is just amazing.
Obviously the si-fi isn't perfect, I can easily point out a bunch of problems. The opening battle has a bit more technol-babble than I'd like. Wormholes should be 3-dimentional spheres not a sink hole in space. Anti-gravity is baseless in science and almost certainly not going to happen on small vehicles. There is no reason to have pilots when you have such advanced AI. There is no way to have such a powerful lazer gun, and also not have the reflections set the guy's pants on fire or blind everyone in the room. It's also complete BS how the AI can tell who are the pirates. There is no such thing as material that is completely indestructible to hardened tungsten drills, unless we're talking some kind of exotic nuclear force based material, but those will be so incredibly dens the ship floors won't be able to support it. etc etc...

But the existing si-fi elements are just delicious. The translation thing going on is very interesting. The way the mech's floater is actually above it is great, and also how it sucks up other materials in the vicinity. The guy's laser pistol doubling as a small lazer drill is great. Obviously you have to have people in your show regardless of how advanced AI is, but I think they handled the role of AI as well as they could.

Most "si-fi" shows are just so complete nonsense there's not even much to discuss about what they got wrong in terms of tech because they basically got nothing right. *cought* heavy object....
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from the South Bay
Posted 4/5/17 , edited 4/6/17
where were you in Spring 2013
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