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Posted 1/9/14
i am absolutely loving gaim right now, the story is much more evolving then previous kamen rider shows were since at least den-o.
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Posted 8/10/14 , edited 8/10/14
Another Gaim lover here...But I wonder if it will pass the test of time.
Oh yeah, I started with O's, Fourze, and watched a bit of the other series. Wasted my time for a good portion of Wizard, too.
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Posted 25 days ago

Chalicerider wrote:

Any Crunchyroll users here watch Kamen Rider? I definitely do. :P

I've seen W, OOO, Ryuki, Den-O and Faiz, and I'm currently watching Blade and Wizard at the moment. I just like this franchise a lot because it reminds me of some of the stuff I watched when I was younger, but here they deal with more maturer and serious topics though it does have some comedy here and there, and the characters can be really interesting especially in series such as W, Ryuki and Blade.

Kamen(and super sentai) are just awesome and to me feel like a good medium between anime and j drama. They can have all the silliness, gags and super powers of anime while still being able to deliver a solid plot with emotion and decent character development thats found in most j dramas.
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