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Posted 1/9/14
i am absolutely loving gaim right now, the story is much more evolving then previous kamen rider shows were since at least den-o.
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Posted 8/10/14 , edited 8/10/14
Another Gaim lover here...But I wonder if it will pass the test of time.
Oh yeah, I started with O's, Fourze, and watched a bit of the other series. Wasted my time for a good portion of Wizard, too.
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Posted 10/27/14

Chalicerider wrote:

Any Crunchyroll users here watch Kamen Rider? I definitely do. :P

I've seen W, OOO, Ryuki, Den-O and Faiz, and I'm currently watching Blade and Wizard at the moment. I just like this franchise a lot because it reminds me of some of the stuff I watched when I was younger, but here they deal with more maturer and serious topics though it does have some comedy here and there, and the characters can be really interesting especially in series such as W, Ryuki and Blade.

Kamen(and super sentai) are just awesome and to me feel like a good medium between anime and j drama. They can have all the silliness, gags and super powers of anime while still being able to deliver a solid plot with emotion and decent character development thats found in most j dramas.
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Posted 12/22/14
Started with W and Gaim, watched a mess of sentai and riders and am currently watching Drive, Kabuto (english dub), and am cautiously optimistic about the new sentai, Nininger. It looks nice, but I hope they learn from their mistakes with Kyoryuger. Drive and Kabuto are awesome so far. I really hope Toei will end up doing more english dubs just to get more people into Rider shows.
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Posted 12/23/14
I don't watch Kamen Rider, but I do watch Super Sentai, which served as the source material for the Power Rangers series. I think it most likely has to do with me preferring heroes in teams or groups rather than going solo, though.
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Posted 25 days ago
I'm a big fan of Kamen Rider. With my favourites (in no particular order) being Kiva (kind of a guilty pleasure as it was my first Kamen Rider), Black, Fourze, Gaim, and Drive. W, OOO, and Kabuto are cool too.

I really need to watch Kuuga and Agito though.
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Posted 6 days ago
I love Kamen Rider shows. I prefer the ones from the 70's though. Kamen Rider 1 and 2, V3, X, Amazon, Stronger, etc. I've seen a few episodes of the newer riders and I didn't really care for them. I wish crunchyroll would add Kamen Rider to their lineup of shows though. A mix of the older and newer shows like what they've done so far with the ultraman shows would be cool.
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Posted 5 days ago
Mmm, Kamen Rider. Seen everything from Kuuga to Fourze and taking a a bit of break before hitting Wizard. Don't want to wear myself out. Started with Kabuto back in the dayand then skipped around to whatever was available at the time until I watched everything up to Decade and since then I've been alternating between Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

My favorite Kamen Rider so far is definitely OOO followed closely by Kuuga. Fourze is pretty high up on the list as well, high school setting and the parodies they worked with really hit home for me. Den-O is another favorite, loved the humor and Takeru Satoh as Ryotaro was brilliant.
Least favorite is probably Faiz, found it to be very forgettable and uninteresting and the monster suits were hugely disappointing to me. The plot also did not work for me, it was drawn out and the ending was awful. Agito also felt pretty uninteresting, especially following Kuuga, but it wasn't bad, it was just sort of... there for me. Hibiki is a really unfortunate case, it was on track to be the best Kamen Rider but the mid-season change absolutely destroyed it and anything positive was wrecked hard. Shouldn't have been forced into the Kamen Rider franchise but rather remained its own thing, could've been the start of something great.

Haven't seen much of the Showa stuff, sadly. There's very few fully subbed series and I don't particularly like waiting long between episodes so I wait until the whole series is subbed. I have seen episodes here and there, a bit of Stronger and some from Amazon, and I like what I see but it's really a matter of finding the time inbetween everything else I want to watch, haha.

Add to that four Ultraman series I haven't seen on Crunchyroll and I'm in bad shape timewise, not sure how I'm ever gonna catch up.
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