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Korean Dramas
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Posted 6/16/10
I like more of Korean dramas, but my first drama was "Boys Over Flowers", and from now on I Love Kim Hyun Joong
Now i watch "Prince's First Love" and i like it.
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Posted 7/22/12
I've watched A LOT of Korean Dramas~ I'll suggest you the ones I really loved!

1. Secret Garden I absolutely LOVED this drama! It's sad, funny, and romantic at the same time! It's about a rich guy and poor girl who falls in love. But the guy's mother's in the way....they come across a lot of problems and went through it all. Great drama!

2. Rooftop Prince This is a must-watch! This is absolutely one of my favs! Rooftop Prince was such a great drama! It's about this ''Crown Prince'' who jumped 300 years into the future, with his bodyguards. He landed on a girl's rooftop. They fell in love as time went by. But he has to go back into the past, 300 years ago. This drama made me cry a lot! It also made me laugh and happy! :] Loved it!

3. You're Beautiful This was one of my very first Korean Dramas! It is one of my favorites, DEFINITELY! I loved it so much! It's about a girl who dressed up as a guy to join this boyband called ''A.N.JELL''. The main leader and the girl fell in love. A very sweet and romantic drama! The main guys are also HOT <3

4. Shining Inheritance Loved this drama! It's a little long...but loved it! It's kinda like a ''Cinderella'' story...The main girl's father died...she has a stepmother...blah blah you know? xD Anyways, she meets a guy and they fall in love. Great drama indeed :D

Those are my top ones! Here are some other REALLY good ones too!
Personal Taste , Boys Over Flowers , Coffee Prince, Heartstrings , Dream High, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho , Playful kiss
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