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Post Reply Your thoughts on the possibility of BTOOOM!!!! 2nd Season
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Posted 5/12/15
I wouldn't say I liked Btooom! (mostly because they didn't finish the story) it was a pretty average anime (in my opinion of course. I know it does have an pretty decent sized fan base at least in the U.S), however it sure as hell was a fun watch. I will always remember how I binge watched it on Christmas Eve (why?? idk...). However if it did ever get a second season and had an ending rather than a cliffhanging tease telling you to go read that manga, I would probably be able to appreciate it a little more. Unfortunately I don't think it ever will get one due to it's very poor sales as TheAncientOne already mentioned. But if it ever somehow does get one (like wtf is with the random sequel to Fafner, didn't that come out like 10 years ago, don't really know the details behind that decision) I would for sure watch it.
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