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New Psy Song - Gentleman
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20 / Top Secret
Posted 5/20/13

8yaoilover8 wrote:

Haha I agree, it's way too catchy!
LOL that video though. Master troll x'D

haha definitely XD lol but its trending as well so why not??~

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F / Namimori
Posted 6/1/13
I still prefer Gangnam Style. >w<
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Posted 7/1/13 , edited 7/1/13
I actually like Gentleman more but I'm really glad it didn't gain as much popularity as Gangnam because I don't want my nephews and nieces singing "Mother Father Gentleman"! I just recently found out through a blog that it actually meant M*** F*** gentleman? Also, the video might be a bad influence too.

All prudence aside, I find that the tune of "Gentleman" is catchier. Dance-wise though, Gangnam's is definitely more unique and catchy. :)

And just in case you're interested, here's the blog I learned the meaning of the lyrics from:
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16 / F
Posted 7/3/13
I don't know but I think that the chorus instrumental sounded like Gangnam style.
Really, I don't know why I thought of that.
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