Help Finding a Korean Comedy
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Posted 4/15/13
I watched this movie on CR way back in the day (06-07ish perhaps) though it's no longer being played though CR anymore and it's not on my history.

The movie is a comedy that takes place in a high school. It's a bit crass (more than a bit actually) but really hilarious. It's about a girl attending a prestigious school although she's incredibly poor. Her mom and her literally live in a cardboard hut and her mother sells mini pyramids in a pyramid scheme. (Ha)

The movie has a bunch of mini montages too of all the different students. Taking pictures of their male teachers back end, the poor girl falling in love with the most handsome boy in the school. (Who I think ends up being her brother ) One of her classmates IMing his own family while thinking it's actually a hot girl.

I'm fairly certain it's Korean.

Thanks all!
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Posted 4/15/13
Hi there this is a personal question. Please continue here to have it answered:

As personal questions are not allowed I have to lock this thread.
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