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Vague Forum Rules
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Posted 4/18/13 , edited 4/18/13

BearSol wrote:

I've this thread after seeing the "Men Discussion" get locked. The post made by the mod brought up the adult content Forum rule and it got me wonder.(NOTE: I found the thread after the fact and have no opinion on it's being locked one way or the other.)
Since I can't ask in the thread named "Site & Forum Rules," because it's locked. I'll ask here and hope a mod can answer.

Honestly, if you just want an answer, you could have just posted in this thread:
or could have directly just messaged the moderator that locked your thread. :/

Rule #3. Adult content of any kind has no place in the forums.

Are the details of what's adult content written down somewhere or does each mod have their own ideas as to what constitutes adult content? If so, how are we to know how each mod thinks?
Someone people have more delicate sensibilities than others and some aren't so easily offended by taboo subjects.

To answer your first question:

2. Appropriate Avatar
~ Must not contain nude or offensive images.
~ Can not be any larger than 200 pixels in length and 200 pixels in width.
~ May not be taken/stolen from another user.

3.1 Nude/Naked
~ Any form of nudity, regardless of whether or not the subject is covering their breasts or genitalia will not be tolerated.

3.2 Breast Exposure
~ Exposure of more than 1/2 of the breast, exposure of the areola, and exposure of the nipple will not be tolerated. Fondling of the breasts (i.e. grasping the breasts either by the character or by another character) will not be tolerated either.

3.3 Genital Exposure
~ No form of genital exposure will be tolerated. This includes fondling with undergarments, extremely low exposure (such that more or less 1/2 of the mons pubis is exposed) or visualizations of the genitalia beneath the underwear (where the labia majora is discernable).

3.4 Sexual Connotations
~ Any picture depicting sexual undertones, such as sex, masturbation, or any of the sort will not be tolerated.

Every moderator is different considering we have moderators from different parts of the world. The PG13 rating differs from country to country, thus from moderator to moderator. Regardless we all follow the rules written above. If you have a problem with a moderator locking your thread, then you speak to them directly.

In the detailed rules, it says nudity, that's obvious, but you'd think swear words would be considered adult content, and yet they're accepted.

Swear words aren't allowed in PG13 movies. But we're a site, not a movie. Swearing is allowed as long as it's not directly at others. Because then you're marked as a flamer.

Rule #2 was that things should be kept PG-13, but in PG-13 movies/TV they can show the naked butt, as well as art which depicts nudity, such as paintings, which contradicts Rule #3's 'No Nudity.'

Again. We're not a movie or a TV show. We're a site. With completely different rules. The rules are there for you to read through. It's not that difficult to understand them. You're just too held up on comparing our site with the only "PG13" rating you know, which is what you're used to seeing on TV and Movies. Just like youtube, it's a PG13 site. Yet they allow user's to swear. There are always comments with the word "fuck".

Also in PG-13 movies and TV shows, some swear words are acceptable and some are not.
PG-13 movies and TV shows have very blurry lines as to what's adult content and what's not, that's why they have an active orginization who's entire job is to regulates and makes judgement, which adapts it's rules through time as society becomes more accepting of the previously unacceptable.

Just stop. You need to accept that we're a site and not a movie where we sell tickets for user's to come online to use our public forums. Our rules are written down clearly. It shouldn't be this hard to comprehend what is allowed and what isn't. If you feel that your content should have been allowed and a moderator locked it unfairly. Then message them privately.

This thread is completely pointless. Infact I'm surprised it's still unlocked.

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