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Applying Occam's razor to theory of Jesus birth.
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Posted 11/2/13

dirkgent1y wrote:

no... as in biological species... in the sense of isolated reproduction. Either they can mate and produce viable offspring or they can't. That used to be how species were defined. Maybe it's changed...

Either way, two species of a thing are two different animals. Unless, you're claiming that in order to be two different animals they have to belong to a different genus or family? (which, btw, unless I'm mistaken... some of Darwin's finches DID actually belong to different genus when classified. I could be wrong about that... but... I THINK that's the case.)

Anyway. Species. Like... yeah... pandas and grizzlies are both bears... but... uhhh... neither is a polar bear. And pandas and polar bears don't mate with each other and make pandlar bears. So, they're two different animals. Even if they are both bears. Different species different animals.

If you had a population of grizzly bears and from that came a new thing... such as a pandzzly bear... and it was able to reproduce new pandzzly bears... which for whatever reason refused to mate with grizzly bears, or could not produce viable offspring with grizzly bears... it'd be it's own species. it'd be a NEW species. and that... is creation.

you realise dogs are created from wolves by controlled evolution, right?
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Posted 11/2/13
I think what a lot of people on both sides of this debate fail to understand the meaning of the word virgen in hebrew (A lot of people forget Mary was Jewish) doesn't mean never having had sex it just means young woman ie a teenager looking at it from that point of view a virgen birth is not that far fetched
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