IMMORTAL GORE (Gakuen Alice Fanfic)
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Chapter One : Raised by darkness

"Mikan, my beautiful daughter" the man who was lying on the bed with his wheezy voice whispering "I know i was such a bad father because I'll have to leave you in this cruel world alone. But I'm still hoping that..." he coughed harshly as his voice kept muring "you'll be safe. No matter what happens, please don't ever use your alice in front of anyone, and no matter what happens, i and your mother will watch you from heaven. I love you Mikan..."

The displeasing sound from the wild cats along with the dripping water that irritated the girl's feet finally woke her up. The sun was directly shining on the girl's soot-smeared skin as she made a grunting sound from putting on her teary jacket accompanied by a grey, tattered scarf and a begrimed hat; all the while thoughts of that vivid dream echoed in her head. SHe rolled herself on the other side of the bed as she patted the grey haired boy's head gently "Its morning Yoichi, wake up". The boy peeked his sky-blue eyes up and yawned "Good morning onee-chan".

Yoichi who was beaten up violently by his step father and she accidentally found him collasped on the street. Later then, she had brought him home and he had been with her for a few days in the old house until the government despoiled it after her father's death. Ever since that day, she had nowhere to stay, she tried to ask for any labour jobs, but no one would want to take in a weak foul girl. The miserable girl had stolen food to survive day by day without hopes.

She turned to Yoichi and gave him a gentle smile while she rubbed away the soot on his face "I'm going to take some leftovers from the bakery for us. So why don't you go out with your friends today Yo-chan?" . He stayed quiet for a while then finally answered to her "No, I'm going with you today. There's no way im going to leave you alone" while narrowing his icy blue pupils.

The auburn haired girl sighed. What he had said made her feel more responsible "All right then...". She; who had used her alice to do all the stealing,as she obviously refused Yo-chan to do any wrong things that she herself had known and gone through. "But, don't ever use your alice to hurt anyone okay?" she muffled.

It was already near dawn and they hadn't had anything in their growling stomachs. All they got was the pathetic crumbs that littered the bakery, but that amount was impossible to sate the growling in their abysmal stomachs. All of a sudden, a butcher stepped out from the nearby meat shop who held a plate of large meat in his grizzly hands as he passed by them. Despite what she told Yoichi earlier; Mikan had instinctively teleported behind the man and attempted to steal the dish from the man's grasp. All would have been well if it hadn't been for her streak bad luck. She had the misfortune of missing the dish as the man immediately turned and grabbed her hand before she could make her frantic escape from the failed theft. As terrifying feelings twirled in her stomach; she realised her mistake from ever using her power, and guilt slowly invaded her in the form of her fathers word's which prevented her from using an even more powerful strain of Alice to escape the vice like grip the muscular bound man had on her.

She was caught. "Bitch. How dare you even think about stealing from me! Police! Come quick!" The butcher man dragged the petite figure along the street as witnesses viewed her with utter disgust, disgracing her even more as she was dragged along to her doom.




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