Rozen Maiden 3rd Season Cast
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Posted 4/21/13 , edited 4/21/13
AnimeNewsNetwork (ANN) has the cast list up for the third season of Rozen Maiden. As you may or may not know, this is based on a Peach Pit manga (Shugo Chara!, DearS, Zombie Loan).

The cast members from the previous anime projects are reprising their roles with two new additions, Chiemi Chiba and Ryota Ohsaka.

From left to right in the image above, the cast are:

- Chiemi Chiba as Seventh Doll Kirakishou/Schnee Kristall
- Sakura Nogawa as Sixth Doll Hinaichigo
- Miyuki Sawashiro as Fifth Doll Shinku
- Rie Tanaka as First Doll Suigintou

- Yumi Shimura as Second Doll Kanaria
- Natsuko Kuwatani as Third Doll Suiseiseki
- Rika Morinaga as Fourth Doll Souseiseki

Not pictured are:

- Ryota Ohsaka as Jun Sakurada
- Asami Sanada as Jun Sakurada (in middle school)

Mamoru Hatakeyama (Sankarea) is directing the new anime at Studio DEEN. The new adaptation of Peach-Pit's manga will premiere this July on the TBS and BS-TBS television stations.


Great looking cast. Good to see most of the previous cast members there. Anyone else looking forward to another season of Rozen Maiden? Any fans of the older series? I loved the first two seasons/OVA.

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Posted 4/21/13
Yup, I really enjoyed the 1st 2 seasons and the OVA also, so this will be something to look forward to this summer! My favorite character is Suiseiseki. I found her mischievous behavior to be quite amusing at times.

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Posted 4/21/13
junk is my favorite
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Posted 4/21/13 , edited 4/21/13
Oh I'm looking forward to this for sure. It's been a looooong time since I've watched Rozen Maiden, too long now.

And this:

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Posted 10/25/13
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