What Should I Watch Next?
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Posted 4/21/13
So I've watched half a dozen series so far, working on one of them still and 2 are weekly episodes. These Include:

Hunter x Hunter - weekly
Chihayafuru - weekly
Phi Brain - still watching
Sword Art Online

I'm kinda just scrolling through the animes and I have no idea what to pick next. I notice I try to stay away from the short series and I would like to watch some more of them that are good, but hopefully I can get an influx of suggestions to the point where I don't need to worry about them being short as I'll have enough to just continue to the next anime when it ends.
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Posted 4/21/13
There's already a thread up for this!

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Posted 4/21/13
my first 2 animes were sword art online and btooom

i reccomend

mirai nikki
accel world
angel beats
highschool dxd
highschool of the dead
clannd and after stories
mysterious girlfriend x
the familiar of zero

these are just based on the choice u made to watch soa and btooom my top 2 animes i have seen are them i really enjoyed these lot aswell
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Posted 4/21/13 , edited 4/21/13

Thanks Royal! Much appreciated! ^^!~

mauttykoray I suggest you to go post in the thread that RoyalMoon linked.

For reasons why your thread is getting a locked, please see #8 in the link below:


~Locked! ^^!~

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