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Posted 4/22/13
I really enjoyed that first episode! I wonder what Madhouse is doing changing the Kaito flashback scene but overall excellent job!
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Posted 8/16/13
I really want to see a couple of the fights coming up animated. Def can't wait to see what the
looks like animated, idk why but I'm really curious.
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Posted 12/26/13 , edited 12/26/13
The manga fans generally hated the Chimera Ant Arc, for it's horrible art (Togashi was ill) & for basically being a great big homage to Dragonball Z, so this is one chapter they should enjoy seeing shortened.

But the "13th Hunter Chairman Election arc" that came right after was some of Togashi's best & most heart-wrenching storytelling, & his art thankfully started improving with his health.
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