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Posted 3/17/14
Hei X Amber?
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21 / M / Amegakure
Posted 3/17/14
Mikasa and Annie
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17 / M / Texas
Posted 3/22/14

Ib- Older Ib x Garry

Mekaku City Actors- Shintaro x Ayano

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15 / F / Meooooow :p
Posted 3/22/14 , edited 3/22/14
I cannot think of an OTP for all anime, actually... hehe... I think it's like how I don't believe I have one favorite anime, or one favorite song, etc. I tend to sway on occasion, be into one thing one day, but another the next day...

If I had to say for each category...

Yuri: Noda Kotone X Minami Shizuku
BL: Suou Tamaki X Hitachiin Kaoru (It's a really rare ship, actually, and one I full support because of how adorable it seems to me)
Shounen: Hmmm... I ship Inucest, Hijikata X Okita, etc. A lot of the weird ones, to be honest. I can be a multi-shipper in some fandoms, but totally balk at even the utterance of it in some.

I ship a ton of things, especially so in manga than in anime, if only because manga outnumbers anime and is easier to get through; though, there are some days when I just don't feel like reading.

Some of which I ship are:
Trunks X Goten from DBZ
Vegeta X Goku from DBZ (I haven't even tried to read some of this, to be honest, but found that some of my logic behind one of my unrelated ships can be found here)
Sebastian X Ciel (I know, so mainstream, but I like it)
Kyo X Yuki from Furuba (Enemy shipping is one of my guilty pleasures)
DarkStreakShipping, Palletshipping, and Comashipping
Hikaru X Kaoru, Mori/Honey, Mommy X Daddy from Ouran
All the canon ships in every BL I've watched
Akise X Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki


And a ton of others.
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