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Post Reply Who will Keima end up with at the end of the show?
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Posted 4/27/13
So who do you want Keima to end up with? or will he end up by himself still preferring his dating sims? discuss please. Personally i would love it if he ended up with Elsie at the end of the show.

Who will be the one girl for Keima?
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Posted 4/27/13 , edited 4/28/13
Ooh! Good Question!! I have thought the very same thing! I think he will end up with Elise, even though they have shared the same blood, but that is more of a contract between them both, and she understands him the yeah, I'll vote for Tenri...threw you for a loop didn't vote is for Elise! Sweep him off his feet Girl!!!

Posted 5/20/13 , edited 5/20/13
Personally I want to see Tenri end up with Katsuragi. But if I had to say sometime, I also want Kanon to end up with him too
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Posted 4/9/14
I really think he will end up with Chihiro, especially after watching the third season. After all, Chihiro was a very unusual girl to conquer as she was very normal without any strange characteristics and no special abilities. She is the spitting image of the real world our dear Keima despices so much in the beginning of Season 1. From her personal development I think Keima's influence really boosted her self-confidence. The two of them being so different and livinig in two separate worlds, I think during the show they both grow to understand each others worlds a little better.

So I am rooting for Chihiro all the way !
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