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Posted 4/28/13
I am not sure if it goes here or not however i'll try.

Is there any thing against the rules for posting trying to find some one to help design a group page?
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Posted 4/28/13 , edited 4/28/13
Yes. You're not allowed to create personal threads. Atleast not in the main forums.

8.2 Do not create personal or help threads.
When making a topic refrain from making personal threads or "I need help" threads. Personal and help threads will automatically get locked. Whether you receive your answer or not.
Here's a list of threads you can post in instead of creating help threads:

The general help thread
The anime/manga help thread
The drama/movie help thread
The music help thread
Game Help: Cheats, Hints, Tips, etc

Crunchyroll - Site & Forum Rules

Feel free to message me if you have anymore questions regarding the site.

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