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I have a good and crazy idea, generally people who watch anime are criticized by others, some people say this is for kids and stuff like that, I really don't care that, but it's hard when you have a girlfriend (boyfriend) and do not share your tastes, I have 21 years and so far have had four legal girlfriends (when I say legal is a girl that I spent more than a month of relationship and I have presented to my parents and blah blah blah) but so far all have hated the anime, because they say: anime is for children. So, I told myself, my next girlfriend should be an otaku, a girl who likes Yaoi and perhaps hentai also, and we can have a good time watching hentai. .... ahem I mean, watching anime, playing video games together and more romantic moments and blah blah blah, have fun 100% * _ * and my point is, we should create a topic for people to talk about themselves and try to find someone here who you like, this can be a good idea for people to find love, do not you think? so I'd like to hear what you all think about this, ok, write what you believe. and give opinions ^ _ ^ (I know the website is for watch anime and not for meet people, this can be a chance for bring more people who like the anime here (cruchyroll)
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Posted 4/30/13 , edited 4/30/13

Looks like you accidentally double posted! I will be a nice mod and just lock this one for you since no one replied yet. But dun do it again or I will have to tar and feather you and force you to watch Barney the Dinosaur for 72 hours non stop.

Also as an aside.... that picture would maybe scare off most of your prospective dates...
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