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Dating abuse and harassment via technology
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Posted 11/6/13

WackyFiasco wrote:

stoner789 wrote:

cchhh all i think is people over dramatize it and make to big a deal out of it, take your head out of the mainstream shit. Watch some anime, dig for some real news and ignore assholes who try to troll you

I really, truly, deep, deep down wish this was just sensationalized internet hearsay. I confess that as an analytical and cynical person, I am one of the first of the people I know to verify the veracity of all those well-intended spam PSA's and rumors I get on Facebook (and I will debunk them to the friends who post them, I don't care if it embarasses them: they learn a lesson about posting without checking or, etc).

I can shrug off a lot of what gets streamed my way: Don't sweat the petty things, no worries, move on. This specific issue, however, I can't bring myself to become complacent about, and I don't think that I should:

The image highlights the statistic concerning accessibility to guns, but below it is an even higher stastic. There is an embedded hyperlink to the Secret Service Safe School Initiative with the image; if you wish to do more digging, click on it. Although the data is from 2002, current indicators go toward these data trends strengthening, not weakening.

This is a quantifiable problem, particularly in the USA. -Not just because there are people killing themselves over this crap, but because they are finding arsenal and going well out of their way to take other people with them, and not necessarily people they even know. It's threatening to become the new "normal" here in the states, and I am having a very difficult time accepting this impending definition of "normal."

The data compels me to conclude that I simply can no longer be so naíve as to leave this entirely up to the victims to handle it all, themselves. People who need assistance should get it, before it comes to this.

Damn. you really know your stuff I like that =] good job.
I have nothing else to add or say really
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Posted 11/6/13

Phersu wrote:

It seems like this should be easily solved with an ignore button, but I suppose things just can't be that easy.

I wouldn't be surprised if on some level people who experience abuse through digital mediums can't just use ignore or block features for the same reason that people who experience abuse offline can't just leave. Peer pressure, fear that trying to escape will just make things worse, etc.
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Posted 11/6/13
Teens now a days are idiots. Well, most not all.
One Punch Mod
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Posted 7/19/14
OP nuked. Closed.
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