In What Order Do I Watch The Evengelion Series?
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Posted 5/2/13
Hello. As of lately I've been hearing a lot about the Evangelion anime series.

Although this question might seem "newbish" or just flat out stupid, but in what order do I watch Evangelion?

I'm also aware of the films being released and was wondering if I should view the films or the series first?

Any help or suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.
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Posted 5/2/13 , edited 5/2/13
Watch the series first. Then The End of Evangelion.

I really like Death as well but that's a personal preference. It's a really nice recap movie with new music and a few new scenes.

So if you wanna give that a spin; series first, then Death, then End of Evangelion.

The new movies can all be watched after. They're a retelling, so it's best to see what they're actually retelling first if you ask me.
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Posted 5/2/13
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