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Post Reply Iron Man 3 Sucked.....Could have been so much more
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21 / M / California
Posted 5/7/13 , edited 5/7/13
tl;dr I just watched it because I love how Tony Stark is always a smartass in his arguments. Didnt disappoint. If anything is entertaining and not boring I think its good, I try not to look to deep into other peoples work.
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46 / M / KC
Posted 5/7/13
I have to disagree. The movie didn't suck. I rather enjoyed it.
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Posted 5/10/13
I have not seen the movie yet myself but I have read a lot about it so my opinion might not mean anything to anyone here. I was really looking forward to this movie until I found out how they basically sidelined the mandarin who is never supposed to be serving anyone. He is supposed to be the greatest villain for Tony and they ruined him. Without seeing the movie the only other complaint I have is that Disney did not allow the director to do what he wanted with it all which was to dive deeper into Tony and his alcohol problem. He wanted to have Tony have massive problems with the events that took place in The Avengers with almost dying and have it affect him and drive him to alcohol. That alcohol abuse story is part of what made me love Iron Man so much. The fact that he just seemed so vulnerable and human and normal. From what I read that was going to be part of what motivated Tony to work nonstop on Iron Man suits in order to try to remove his vulnerabilities. I just think that the story could have been so much better if Disney just let the Marvel movie do what it should be doing. Catering to the fans of the comics and heroes. I get it that it is Disney and they are all about kids but most of those comic book heroes had stories that just weren't meant for kids and these movies should have just stuck to making the fans of the comics happy. Like I said though I have yet to watch this one so I could be very wrong on some points. I really hope I am too.
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Posted 5/11/13
Justanotherguy2::::: more valid points...Like I said before is the movie entertaining...yes, but still it could have been so much more. It could have been Batman 3 epic, but traded that for laughs, darkness must exist for light to shine through and they missed the opportunity to let Stark shine in the end.
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Posted 5/12/13

I liked the movie, but that doesn't mean I necessarily think it was good. I enjoyed it for some eye candy.

but, if I were to rate the movie, I'd give it around a 7 out of 10. it was nowhere near a 10, more or less an 8 either.

I like RDJ, but this one wasn't something that would make him shine. The first Ironman is where they got most of the things down correctly. I liked it a lot. Second was a lot worse, and I think this (the third) is only slightly better than the second.

I expected a lot more from it..

I would have to say that I would have to agree with the Metacritic (critics') rating more than the IMDB user rating.
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Posted 5/22/13
I disagree that the movie sucked. However, i do agree that the movie could have been better.
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Posted 6/6/13
Yeah, I can sympathise with any fans who were disappointed by the Mandarin. However, i appreciate that they were trying to do something different with the villain and I applaud them for that. The movie isn't without its faults and lacks the quality of the first Iron Man, but it is a strong sequel regardless, and is miles ahead of Iron Man 2.
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Posted 8/11/13
It was fun but there were plenty of obvious plot holes
Not like the Dark Knight!
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